Meet the Member Jaid Stowell

by Rodeo News

story by Riata Cummings

Jaid Stowell is a senior at Parowan High School, and she enjoys her natural resources, agricultural science and animal science classes. She is the president of the Parowan FFA Chapter, and enjoys showing steers at local and national livestock shows. After high school, Jaid hopes to attend Mesa Lands Junior College to study in their western silversmithing program.
Jaid is the second child of Coy and Kacey Stowell, and has three siblings, Tristan, Kodie and Bracken. Together they enjoy going to rodeos and caring for the cows and sheep on the family ranch. They manage about 200 head of mother cows and 1500 ewes. Jaid especially loves the cattle. “It’s a little more western, and it is really good for our horses to be out in the mountains. It’s a beautiful life and it has taught me to appreciate livestock and the agricultural industry.”
Jaid’s mother competed in rodeo during high school and started taking Jaid to jackpots at a young age. Her father grew up as a buckaroo rancher and helped teach Jaid how to rope. She now competes in the barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping and reined cow horse. She especially enjoys pole bending. “I used to dread it but working with my horse has helped us find a lot of success.”
Her pole bending and barrel racing horse is a gelding named K.B, and he has a particular affinity for the pole bending as well. During the fall, Jaid used a horse named Tiny for the breakaway roping, loaned by Richie Stubbs, and the horse helped her become an aggressive roper. This spring she will be using Batman, a gelding she shares with her sister. Her reining horse is a gelding named Tux. Jaid loves that her horses have made her “work for it and become a better horsewoman.” Jaid is a multiple-time state qualifier and hopes to qualify in each of her events this spring.
Last fall, Jaid was preparing to compete in the final rodeos of the season when her barrel horse coliced and died. The pair had been working hard to find their groove, and the loss was devastating for Jaid. Working with that horses’ half-sister, Nike, has helped Jaid move past the loss and focus on new goals.
One of Jaid’s greatest strengths is her stubbornness. “When I set my mind to something, I won’t let go of it. Some might call it stubborn, but I think it’s important. When I started competing and had such a rough freshman year, I was really discouraged. But, because I was unwilling to let it go, I kept going, and I am so glad I did.”
Jaid’s role model is Taci Bettis, barrel racer and NFR qualifier in 2017 and 2018. She looks up to Taci because, “she has a similar home life, and she has worked hard to get where she is.” One day, Jaid would like to emulate Taci’s work ethic and horsemanship ability.
Jaid’s other role models include her parents and rodeo family. She would like to thank Richie Stubbs for lending her Tiny and helping her get to her “A-game.” She would like to thank Dan and Michelle Meyers, as well as Justin Fowden and Kacie and Reyes Carballo. Finally, she would like to thank her parents for supporting her gold buckle dreams. “Thank you all for sacrificing your time to help be become better. Thank you for helping me succeed at something I love.”

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