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story by Michele Toberer

Capp Biggerstaff was grateful to complete his rookie season with the Colorado State Junior High Rodeo Association and the 12-year-old rising 7th grader has big plans for season 2 with the great association. Capp is a second-generation cowboy who has jumped into all-around cowboy competition with both feet since starting out as a 9-year-old. “I compete in all the timed events that a boy can do, and I just started riding saddlebronc steers, which I think I might compete in next season.”
Capp and his family live in Glade Park, Colorado, where the family raises Black Angus cattle and operates Biggerstaff Guides & Outfitters on 400 acres they own, and 12,000 acres they lease for grazing and hunting. His parents, Steve and Randi are happy to be raising Capp and his younger brother, Cord, 11, where they have plenty of room to roam. “We have about 15 horses and 8 mules that we use, and I like to go out and help sometimes when we guide groups on hunting trips. I usually make sure all the coolers are packed. My favorite part of the business is going out on the mountain lion hunts; I really like to ride the mules out and I like to watch the dogs work, those trips are really exciting.”
Besides junior rodeos, the Biggerstaff family enjoys team roping and you can often find all four of them competing at local jackpots. “My mom heels some, and I will usually head for my dad, and my dad heads for my brother when we go to jackpots.” Cord and Capp also pair up, and they compete together in NLBRA rodeos. Although he competes in multiple events, team roping is his favorite event, and he loves the excitement of being a header. His favorite head horse is a 21-year-old solid black gelding named Fuzzy, who he’s been spinning steers on for the past 3 years. “He’s just a really solid, nice, older horse to ride and rope on.”
This past season with the CSJHRA was a great start for Capp, and he enjoyed heading for Connor Canon, and ribbon roping with Jolene Rhyne. After state finals he finished 9th in team roping, 7th in goat tying and ended up in the heartbreaking 5th place position in breakaway roping, just one spot out of qualifying for national competition. Capp rides Bugs, a 13-year-old sorrel gelding that he’s been riding in ribbon roping and breakaway roping for a year. “I really like the CSJHRA, it is very competitive compared to other associations I’ve been in. I like that because it has pushed me to step up my game and become more competitive too. My goal for next season is to keep improving my competition and qualify for national finals next summer.”
Capp’s parents have been his main source of help for his events, and they practice daily in their home arena. “I’m a lot more independent now, so they don’t help me as much as they used to, but we always practice together.” Other than practicing at the arena, Capp also practices roping the dummy, and before his rodeo runs, he pictures perfect runs in his mind. “I try to keep my mind positive, and just try to picture the run I want to happen before I go.” Capp is also inspired by his favorite world champion all-around cowboy, Trevor Brazile. “I think he is such a great all-around cowboy, and a really good role model.” One day, Capp would like to follow in Trevor’s footsteps and be a champion all-around cowboy at the professional level of rodeo.
Capp switched from public school to homeschooling last year, with Grand River Academy, and he enjoys his middle school courses. At home, the boys also have chores to keep up with, including feeding responsibilities for the cattle, horses, and dogs. “We have close to 50 hunting hounds that we use for our outfitting operation, that we help care for. We also have goats, and my brother has some ducks that we take care of.”
“I really appreciate my parents for all that they do for me; for buying me horses and hauling me everywhere that they do.”

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