Roper Review with Scot Brown

by Teri Edwards
Scot Brown and Clayton Moore

Scot Brown and Clayton Moore

Not many ropers have a week like Scot Brown enjoyed at the World Series of Team Roping Finals at the South Point last December. Scot, a #9 heeler and #6E header from Orange Grove, Texas, was entered up at the finals, thanks to one of his sponsors. Scot and Josh DeBord, won 6th in the #15, earning each man $20,000.
Getting nothing done in the #12 and #13 was not devastating for Scot, who still had a $20,000 check in his pocket. In his last and final roping, the #11, Scot was scheduled to head for one of his sponsors, who ultimately couldn’t make the trip. Brown replaced him with Clayton Moore, a #5, who he had practiced with the week before back in Texas.
The team drew three good steers for an average of 22.90, making them high team back. A short round steer that ran, along with a late start, caused the team to be 9.5 at the back end, but well under the 11.9-seconds needed to keep the lead. Brown and Moore split first place prize money of $288,000, in addition to $6,000 for a rotation fast time.
“At the end of the run, the flagger, Brooks Bearden, rode up and told me that Clayton legged,” says Brown. “He was joking, but I didn’t even care. I told him, ‘That’s okay, we won second or third.’”
Brown, 37, stays busy running his business, Absolute Terra Services and Maintenance. He started the herbicide business in 2007. ATS sprays and kills weeds for commercial farmers and oil well pads, among other businesses. In 2010, the business was expanded and added mowers, seeding, and mulching services.
“Even though it’s a lot of work and responsibility, I enjoy owning my own business,” says Scot. “It enables me to spend more time with my family.”
Brown and his wife, Michelle, have four children, three sons and a daughter: Spencer, 16, Jackson, 15, Makayla, 8 and Brooks, 4. Michelle teaches online for Waldon University.
As a business owner with a large family, there’s not a lot of spare time for the practice pen.
“I’ve been very fortunate,” explains Brown. “I’ve been able to ride good horses and rope with some of the best ropers in the world. My mental game is probably my strongest asset in the roping pen. I thrive on pressure. In the #15, at the World Series Finals, we came from 21st call back where we had to be 6.2 to take the lead and we were 6-flat. I just love that kind of pressure.”
This May 8th & 9th, Brown will produce the 4th Annual Colton Rusk Memorial roping. This roping is held in memory of Colton Rusk, a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan. The proceeds are donated for scholarships. The first year it was held, in 2012, this roping raised $30,000. Each of the last two years the event has raised $100,000.
“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish,” says Scot. “Not only honoring Colton’s memory, but being able to help kids afford an education is amazing.”
Scot is sponsored by Fast Back Ropes, Total Thru Tubing and Noble Outfitters.
COWboy Q&A

How much do you practice?
I don’t get the opportunity to practice as much as I’d like due to running my business. I always practice before an event.
Do you make your own horses?
I used to when I was younger. Now I don’t really have time.
Who were your roping (rodeo) heroes?
Clay O’Brien Cooper
Who do you respect most in the world?
My dad.
Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My family.
If you had a day off what would you like to do?
Spend time with my kids.
Favorite movie?
Tombstone, Lonesome Dove
What’s the last thing you read?
Lone Survivor
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Motivated, easy-going, hardworking
What makes you happy?
My family.
What makes you angry?
Lazy people.
If you were given 1 million dollars, how would you spend it?
I’d pay off bills, take my family on a vacation and invest the rest.
What is your worst quality – your best?
My worst quality is procrastination. My best quality is being happy go lucky.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I hope that the business I’m building continues to grow and be successful, allowing me to spend more time with my family.

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