10 Fitness Do’s & Don’ts for 2016

by Whitney Knowles

Everyone makes New Year Resolutions and after a month or so many people tend to start losing their focus and going back to old habits. Honestly, it has been difficult for me to get back in the saddle after delivering my baby a few months ago and having restricted physical activity regimen from my doctor. The 10 Do’s and Don’ts for 2016 are designed to help keep you (and me) on track with our fitness resolutions.

Sumo Squat

1) Don’t just do cardio
Cardio is a a healthy part of a balanced exercise routine, but many people think cardio is all they need to do or all they should do. Common myths are that weight lifting will make you “bulky.”  The body builders out there will tell you they wish that myth was the truth. It takes a dedicated, strategic weight training routine and a special diet to add that much muscle mass. Lift worry free!!! You are doing your body a favor by adding in basic weight training into your routine.
2) Do squats. Squats work more than just your butt and is one of my favorite exercises. Squatting requires you to use some of the largest muscles in your body. When you engage large muscles like your quadriceps and glutes (thighs and butt) it takes more energy and thus, burn more calories and fat.
3) Do drink water… Lots of it
I know I stress this in every issue but it’s so darn important! Proper hydration fuels the body. You should be drink half your body weight in ounces per day. For example: A person that weight 120 pounds should be drinking 60 ounces of water a day.
4) Do stretch daily
Stretching is unbelievably important for your body and mind. Better flexibility may reduce your risk or injury by allowing our joints to move through their full range. It can also allow your muscles to work more effectively and increase blood flow to the muscles.
5) Don’t compromise form …EVER!
Exercising with incorrect form can not only be unproductive but even worse, it can lead to aches, pains, and injury.
It’s basically like saddling your horse backwards and trying to have a good practice. It’s not good for anyone!
6) Do have a work out partner. Having a work out partner will make you more accountable to your workout routine. Many people are more likely to work out harder and not quite before the work out is completed. When working out alone, there is more temptation to stop early and not push yourself.
7) Do not make unrealistic goals.
Those who set unrealistic goals tend to give up and fall of the bandwagon. Then set new goals once you reach each milestone. Set goals but make them realistic for you.
8) Do eat fat in your diet. Make sure you are eating “good” fats like unsalted nuts and avocados and avoid bad fats like saturated fats.
9) Don’t limit fitness to the gym.
Find an outdoor activity you like doing. Have that as a part of your weekly workout routine
10) Do give yourself a cheat day.
Stick to a healthy diet throughout the week with well balanced meals and restricted sugar intake. I like having one cheat day a week so I don’t feel ultra restricted. The cheat day allows me a little freedom and flexibility while not getting totally off track with my diet.

Forward lunge


Total Leg Workout:
The following exercises all focus on your legs. The repetitions are designed to be done with no weight to minimal weight. Repeat these exercises 3-5 times through depending on you time limit and desired intensity.  For videos demonstrating each exercise follow @fitwhit5 on Instagram

Squats: 20
Lunges: 15 each leg
Sumo Squat: 20
Calf Raises: 40
One-leg Deadlifts: 15 each leg
Wall Sit: 1 minute
Leg Curls (On a ball or on a machine): 15
Side Lunges: 15 each side

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