Team Cavender’s Jase Stout

by Lea Leggitt
Cowboy riding a bucking bronco at a rodeo event.

If you happen to be behind the bucking chutes at a Texas high school rodeo, you may just come across a singing jokester who happens to be one of the top saddle bronc riders in the state. Jase Stout, from Decatur, Texas, has made a name for himself over the past three years.
Jase started his rodeo career early in the mutton busting while his dad rode bucking horses. He soon moved from riding steers to entering his first junior high rodeo, where he rode saddle bronc steers. Jase quickly worked his way into the winning circle after entering high school. He made it to the High School National Finals in his freshman, sophomore and junior years. Although, those wins came with a price.
During Jase’s sophomore year, he had a horse rough him up in the chutes. The judges gave him a re-ride which flipped over on top of him. He waited two weeks and got on two more head before finally heading to the doctor.
“I ended up tearing my MCL and meniscus and had to have surgery,” said Jase.
He had a long road to recovery but learned that patience is key with an injury like this. Jase took his physical therapy serious and managed to be back riding after two months. While he missed a few high school rodeos and UPRA rodeos he still managed to qualify for the finals.
This year, Jase came back stronger than before his injury. He has been working on his endurance to ensure he has the strength in the event of having to ride a second horse. He stays in shape by doing a lot of cardio. He worked hard through the season and became the 2023 UPRA rookie of the year. He came home with a short-go win and claimed 3rd place overall in saddle bronc at the National High School Rodeo Finals.
When Jase isn’t on the rodeo road, you can find him on the golf course or out hunting hogs with his friends for farmers and ranchers in the area.
Jase shared he has gone to over 100 rodeos across the state of Texas and beyond this past year. He shares his go-to traveling snacks are a coconut Red Bull, peanuts and teriyaki beef jerky.
He has come face to face with many great horses and many not so great but shares about the one he and many other riders keep an eye out for.“ A J and J Rodeo has a horse named Soda Pop Valley is one that we all have a love hate relationship with.” says Jase. “If you ride him you’re going to win but he’s a tough one to get by.”
Jase graduated earlier this fall from high school and is currently taking a year to spend time hitting a lot of open rodeos before starting college in Weatherford in the fall of 2024. He is hoping to study ag business and plans to be involved in some trade programs and get his HVAC license.
He has been a part of Team Cavender’s since his Sophomore year of high school. He has been so thankful for the doors the team has opened and the people he has met.
“I have met some of my best friends through the team,” said Jase, “and honestly, this is more than just a team, it’s a family.”
Jase is gearing up for the Junior World Finals in Vegas. This will be his fifth time to qualify for saddle bronc riding.
Jase says, “I’ve been riding pretty good lately and have been hot, so I hope that carries over.”

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