Roper Review: Brook Styron

by Teri Edwards

Brook Styron, a Texas native, has seen a lot of changes in the roping industry over the years. He grew up in Granbury, Texas and was introduced to calf roping at twelve years old by a neighbor. That was before team roping had caught on, and Brook continued to rope calves in junior rodeo, high school rodeo and college rodeo.
Now, in his mid-50’s, Brook has worked in the roping manufacturing industry since the early 90’s. As a young newlywed, Brook spent a number of years managing ranches in north and east Texas. He and his wife, Nancy, have raised three kids: Brandi, Sarah, and Bryce.
Styron’s resume includes jobs as a deputy sheriff and telephone installer before settling in the rope manufacturing industry in the early 90’s. He worked at Maverick Ropes and Precision Ropes before settling in at Fast Back Ropes.
Brook has been with Fast Back for twelve years and works in Operation Production where he’s responsible for purchasing string and other raw materials needed to produce ropes, in addition to other duties. He has seen a lot of changes in the rope making industry over the years.
“Back when I first started, we tied a lot of 7/16” ropes which by today’s standards are extremely large. Also most rope companies carried just one or two ropes,” explains Styron. “Now there are numerous rope companies and they all sell a quite a variety.”
Brook loves to rope and used to rope on a daily basis. Now he ropes several times a week and competes most weekends. He’s endured surgery on his right shoulder three times to repair damage from years of repetitive motion, primarily from roping. His last surgery, in March 2017, entailed a complete replacement.
“I postponed each surgery as long as I could,” explains Brook. “By the time I had surgery I could barely rope and each time I came back and was competitive. This shoulder replacement, has made the biggest difference and I feel like I rope better now than I have in ten years.”
Styron has also seen team roping evolve drastically over the years he’s been competing.
“Besides the ropes and cattle getting smaller, the times have gotten incredibly faster. Back when I started, it was before the days of video and there weren’t many schools. Today kids have access to a variety of schools and training videos they can watch on their phone. They learn much more quickly and it definitely shows at the jackpots.”
When not roping or working, Brook and Nancy, enjoy spending time with their grandkids: Ruger, Sadie, and Klara.

How much do you practice?
Twice a week.
Do you make your own horses?
I used to, but as I’ve gotten older, I would rather not spend my time training. Now I just want to rope.
Who have been your roping heroes?
Clay O’Brien Cooper.
Who do you respect most in the world?
My dad.
Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My wife.
If you had a day off what would you like to do?
Go hunting, fishing, or roping.
Favorite movie?
Remember the Titans
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Confident, generous, out-going.
What makes you happy?
Family and friends.
What makes you angry?
If you were given 1 million dollars, how would you spend it?
Retire and enjoy life.
What is your worst quality, your best?
My worst is probably my temper. Loyalty is my best quality.

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