7th Year for The AMERICAN

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Steer Wrestling: Matt Reeves – Matt was one of five people in a room in Omaha, Nebraska, when Randy Bernard talked about producing the AMERICAN. It seemed too good to be true. “40 has been good to me”

Bareback: Kaycee Field – second win at the AMERICAN. “I had an accident last year got hit on the head – I think it made me smarter.” With his first win, he invested in two companies PWR PRO CBD – unique brand that controls crops, and produces the products in a 300,000 square foot plant in Utah-  it’s the first time I’ve made money without using my body. The other company – gel blasters, a gun that shoots Rodeo has been good to me – I’ve got great friends all over the country.”

Breakaway roping: Kaycee Hollingback. Kaycee grew up in a rodeo family. She made it to the AMERICAN on the last qualifier. She’s riding a horse that she has only had for less than a year. “I remember dreaming of this as a little girl.”

Team roping: Luke Brown – header. “We bought this horse seven years ago. I’ve won Cheyenne and the BFI on him, then he got hurt and we were told we could never ride him again. We prayed a lot about it – and he got better and here we are.” Joseph Harrison – heeler – “Since I was a young boy trying to learn how to rope and win – you need a good partner and a good horse – and I have both.” The duo hasn’t roped together for very long. “We roped around each other a lot, and we roped together one day before the AMERICAN.”

Barrel Racing: Stevi Hillman on board Truck. “He’s a very special horse – he turned 13 this year. I”ve had him for six years, made the NFR four years now. I like that we had an alley and the ground was great.” There was a lot of consultation about the new set up on the arena. Stevi travels with her husband, Ty. “He does everything for me.”

Tie Down Roping: Shad Mayfield “It’s unbelievable – that much money helps. Now I can lay low – maybe take a vacation.” He’s riding a new horse that he got in October. “He’s made it so easy – he’s changed my roping.” Shad has won more than $700,000 this year. “I don’t want to ever go through that again,” he said about last year, when he was on the bubble for the last month. “To be on top already this year is great.” He handles pressure well. “I’m under pressure every day in the practice pen being around my dad. This is a lot easier.”

Saddle Bronc Riding: Wyatt Casper won the College finals in 2016. He is also leading the PRCA world standings. “The money I’ve got won is more than the last three years in PRCA. Last year got me down, from June to August I only won $3,500 – super glad I had my parents and my beautiful wife and kids – behind me. I owe it all to the good Lord – I’ve never drawn so good in my whole life.”

Bull Riding: Sage Kimzey/Joao Ricardo Vieira. Joao has been at the AMERICAN for three years and won it every year. “This is the best for me. ” Sage – “This is a great place to come – you dream about this as a kid.” He competed in pain – three weeks from surgery on and accident – he had a bull fall on him and it tore the ligament that attaches two bones together in his ankle. “I’m going to take some time off and get everything ready for the busy part of summer season.”

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