CSHSRA Code of Conduct

by Rodeo News

by CSHSRA President Jack Beach

I would like to take a moment to remind you about the Colorado State High School Rodeo Code of Conduct that was signed by both contestants and parents when you became members of the Association. It can be reviewed in the rulebook on page 35 and we recently posted a reminder of this code on the CSHSRA Facebook page. The Board can impose a multitude of penalties, ranging from public apologies to suspension, for implicating an infraction of the Code of Conduct. The mission statement of the NHSRA is to promote the sport of rodeo with the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship as well as expose its positive image to the general public. Our contestants and their parents should do their best to preserve the Western heritage, offer a privilege of family bonding, offer an opportunity of continuing education, and to maintain highest regard for the livestock.
Unfortunately, there have been numerous issues recently surrounding our Code of Conduct. I would like to encourage each of you to take a moment to reflect on your own behavior in and around the rodeo arena. Are you doing all you can to positively promote the sport we all cherish? Are you treating the judges and timers, the other contestants, your horses and the stock with the respect they deserve? No one is perfect and I have had faults in my own conduct. For that I am regretful. The heat of competition can occasionally bring out the worst in people. There have been times I have had to take a step back and realize how my actions could negatively impact others.
Additionally, it has been brought to our attention that there are a large number of kids sitting on the arena fences, hanging out around the roping boxes, and being around the bucking chutes not wearing western attire. All contestants and parents need to be in full western attire if you are going to be in or around the arena. There has also been some concern about the amount of contestants using foul language. Please help represent our clubs and state in a better light. Remember some of our members are quite young and can be easily influenced by negative behavior.
Last but not least, I would also like to encourage more parents to step up and volunteer to run stripping chutes, line cattle, pull barriers, set poles, etc. If you would like to help out but don’t know how or where, talk with the rodeo committees! All you have to do is ask! Someone will gladly teach you. Also, parent and contestant event directors must be in the arena during the time of that event. The event director is the contestant’s liaison in the event of a disputed call made by the judge or other rodeo personnel. We are in need of parent and contestant volunteers for events! If you are interested, please go to the CSHSRA website and click the tab for directors to see which events are available. Please let Sherri know you would be willing to direct an event. These positions need to be filled before the Greeley rodeo!
State finals is on the horizon. For our seniors, this will be their last moments in our association and the community of Craig will be watching. Our judges, timers, volunteers, board members, and secretaries will spend long hours ensuring fairness, safety, and a smooth running rodeo each day. Let’s be grateful for our ability to compete and try to stay humble in both victory and defeat, including when things don’t go as we planned. You contestants have worked countless hours, days, months, and years for this moment! Be able to hold your head high when you pull out of Craig knowing you did your best and be proud of how you conducted yourself!
Good Luck to all,

Jack Beach

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