Meet the Member Carson Grundy

by Rodeo News

story by Ruth Nicolaus

Carson Grundy grew up knowing how to shoot a gun.
Since he was seven years old, Carson, a resident of Loa, Utah, has enjoyed shooting guns with his dad, uncles and grandpas.
And now he shoots trap in the Utah High School Rodeo Association. He loves it. “Shooting trap is almost like my own little drug,” he said. “I get pretty addicted to it.”
He is a senior at Wayne High School, where he is taking college level classes. He will graduate with nine college credit hours.
When school is out each day, Carson puts in several hours working for his dad, who owns Grundy Concrete. He does a lot of the “grunt work,” he says, but he doesn’t mind. During the school year, he’ll put in twenty hours a week, and during the summer, it’ll be fifty to fifty-five hours per week. The paychecks come in handy, to make payments on the 2013 red Dodge Ram 1500 he purchased.
For fun, Carson and his friends like to drive the main drag of Loa (ten blocks long) and venture into the mountains. He also enjoys hunting.
Carson has competed at state finals the past three years, and at Silver State the past two.
He credits Kerry Ekker with helping him. “Trap is a big mind game,” Carson said. “Kerry has taught me a lot. If you miss a bird, you can’t bring yourself down about it. It’s the past. You only have to worry about one bird at a time.”
Carson has a younger sister, Addison, who is fourteen.
He is the son of Cody and Lee

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