Meet the Member Jesse Berrie


story by Lori  O’Harver

Event: Ranch Bronc Riding
Age: 31
Hometown: Fittstown, OK
Current Residence: Fittstown, OK.

There aren’t 100 people in the tiny, southeastern Oklahoma town of Fittstown. In fact, there are more cattle than there are people.
“There’s two stores; one half converted to a bar, five churches and a post office,” said Jesse Berrie. “But there’s always something going on.”
For instance, on a late August day, Berrie and the crew at the Red Tank Ranch spent the better part of the afternoon and most of the night doing their considerable best to relocate a hooky, untipped, contrary cow.
“I took my horse out of there early, didn’t want her to gut him,” Berrie said. “Spent the rest of the day climbing up and down the fence getting away because she wanted to gut me. We got done just before midnight. It was a long day.”
Berrie comes from a bull riding family and the Red Tank outfit raises bucking bulls. He’s a good cowboy, and has a coming 2 year old son he hopes will follow in his footsteps. The young father was the first in his family to be drawn to bucking horses and his first choice was saddle bronc riding.
“I rode colts for my dad growing up. I liked it best when they bucked,” said Berrie. “About 10 years ago, I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t lift on the rein. I switched to the ranch bronc riding because of it. It hurts more than the classic style, but it’s fun and wild. The wilder it gets, the better I like it.”
Berrie’s favorite style of bucking horse is the kind that get high and has a lot of timing. He doesn’t have a least favorite. He likes them all. He rides a Corriente Roper saddle. There aren’t any modifications allowed on saddles used for the ranch broncs.
“I really like the Texas Bronc Riders Association,” said Berrie. “It’s good to see an association devoted to doing something for the bronc riders. The finals on October 2 ought to be fun! They’ve hired five pickup men and plan to buck 120 head of horses at Cowtown Coliseum on that Sunday in the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is an association I want to see grow.”


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