Meet the Member Pat Wood

by Rodeo News

story by Terry Rhodes

In her first year with the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association, Pat Wood walked off with some pretty impressive titles. She picked up the 2014 World Championship Barrel Racing title for the 60’s and Reserve Champion title for the SNFR. “That was pretty tremendous. That was my first year. I had a lot of my family and friends there; my mom, and all of my girls. So it was really special to have them there to cheer me on. My second year in the Senior Pro Rodeo Association I won the year end saddle.” When she returned to her home in Snowflake, Ariz. her sister, Beva had arranged a welcome reception with friends and family including a police escort to the fairgrounds.
Some big challenges have come her way and she has taken them in stride. “All this (success) after having my right femur broken in four places in 2008, and having it rumored that I would most likely never ride again. Come what may this year, I am going to enjoy the ride.”
Above all it’s the people in the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association that make the experience so worthwhile for Pat. “There are some wonderful people in the association. They’re friendly and everybody looks out for one another. Going to the rodeos has allowed me to see come country that I probably would not have seen otherwise. So it has just been great for me since I joined. I would like to thank the board and all the office staff for their hard work. And thank you to Jerry Martin for delivering God’s message at the Cowboy Church.”
Pat has been involved with horses since she was a little girl and has always been captivated by rodeo. “I remember watching rodeos and saying, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ I was in my teens when I finally got a horse that could run and started competing.” After taking a hiatus to raise daughters, Pat re-entered the rodeo arena and resumed her competition. It was at one those rodeos that Pat experienced one of those times that creates a once in life time memory. “Several years ago I won the annual Snowflake Rodeo. My youngest daughter, Shawna was one of the barrel setters and after I won she jumped up on one of the barrels and started dancing. They started playing music. That was pretty exciting for me.”
Besides keeping her horses fit to compete, Pat focuses on the mental side of competition. “I’ll spend some time back at my trailer visualizing the run I want to make. You always hope it all goes your way and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.” She says that it’s her horses that are the major component of her success. “I have a couple of really remarkable horses. I’ve had to learn to trust them to make the run. On my younger one it dawned on me that I have to get out of his face and he’ll get me around the barrel.” Her sister, Beva played a part in her success as well. “I thank her for training my horses and giving them such a great foundation for me to begin competing on.”
Pat has four grown daughters, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Between rodeos Pat stays busy keeping horses ready to work, and spending time with family. “My mother lives 10 miles away so I try to get over to visit with her and I have two sisters and a brother in the area.”
Pat has positive outlook and believes that the only way to go is forward. She’s adopted a Ziggy card. “I put this on my ‘frige and it said, ‘Don’t look back unless you like where you’ve been.’ I added, ‘…or to see how far you’ve come.’ You can’t undo what’s happened, just keep pushing forward. I do believe that our lives are what we make them.”

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