Meet the Member Alex Greene

by Rodeo News

story by Siri Stevens

“We are proud that he is still following his dreams to compete in rodeo It’s tough being from Ohio to pursue that on a full time basis,” said Alex’s dad, Mark. 18-year-old Alex is majoring in Ag Business and Marketing at Southern Arkansas. “They have an outstanding rodeo facility and they are incredible,” said Mark, who is a mechanical engineer and came from a dairy background, not rodeo. “He just came out that way (loving rodeo), he’s not a second generation – there are lot of folks in the area that are involved in the sport that helped him.”
“I considered myself a professional driver,” Mark said. “He put forth the effort and we got him where he needed to be. Rodeo provided him the opportunity to get his college education and use that to set him up to do what he wants to do.”
The calf roper started in kindergarten and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t rodeoing. He started with mutton bustin’ and dummy roping. “I started doing Mid-States rodeos when I was probably 15 years old,” said Alex. “The calves pretty much ate my lunch every time but for me it was all about getting that experience around the top guys in my area. They took me under their wing and really helped my confidence and skill as well. I’m a firm believer in iron sharpens iron! I now compete in the college rodeos and IPRA’s as well.”
“That association is really what gave me the chance to be who I am – it’s full of great people – there are several families that I could name that have helped me out. They are amazing people. I started going to their houses and they have become second family to me. I’m never afraid to ask for advice.”
Alex competed all four years (2016-2020) at the National High School Finals as well. Last year, he won the talent contest, singing Your Man by Josh Turner. “I like to do it for fun, but my main focus is on roping when it comes to that; I just saw it as a way to get free tickets.” Alex will be attending the 10th round of the NFR in Arlington.
For now, he and his whole family are quarantined due to positive coronavirus testing. Him, mom, Lannae, his sister, Lauren, and his girlfriend, Jaeleigh Hart are all stuck at home in Leesburg, Ohio. “It’s a very small town of two stoplights, mostly farming – corn, and soy beans.”
Before Alex went to college he couldn’t wait to get out of town, but once he went to college, he realized there’s no place like home. “I do see a potential here to pursue my goals. Being around family and the people that have always supported you is big for me – I can give back to them – it’s tough to find a place like where you grew up.” Alex hopes to pursue rodeo as much as he can. “It’s about being happy and that I can provide for my family and my future family and bring honor to God.” He is hoping to do something with designing cattle handling facilities. “I was an ambassador on the Prefer Junior Elite team last year and worked with them and learned what they do.”
For now, he’s home until the middle of January since his college has shut down as well. “I’ll try to rope as much as I can, but I’m a big hunter and fisher so that will give me something to do during quarantine.” His advice to the readers is to stay true to yourself and focus on your goals. “Have Faith in God and thank those around that have helped you get where you are.” He looks up to Tyson Durfey for his mindset. “I just constantly remind myself that I’ve got to experience the low points to experience the high points. You control the throttle on your mindset.”

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