Meet the Member Erika Frost

by Rodeo News
Erika Frost at the 2022 Cassia County Fair & Rodeo in Burley, ID - Western Edge Photography

story by Siri Stevens

Erika Chartrand was raised in Montreal Canada and came south to attend college. “My dad said I could go as long as I didn’t find a cowboy that makes me want to stay down there – and I met Josh (Frost) at the first rodeo.” Not only did Erika meet her husband, but she was able to pursue making a living with her rope. “Back home, rodeo was a hobby or for fun, and here it’s all over the place. I get to rope with these girls that I watched for so long on TV. This is dang sure culture shock for me.” Erika is on her rookie card with her goal to be the Resistol Rookie of the Year in breakaway roping. And it all started with a dream. “For me, it was love at first sight when I met Josh. He made me sweat it out, and now we’re married going on two years.” Josh knew Erika was the one when she stayed at his parents’ house over the summer. During her time in Utah, Erika entered the Rocky Mountain Pro Rodeos in breakaway roping and attained one of her goals – Year end champion. “They have a bunch of good rodeos in Utah and that’s where I live now and Josh had gone off to rodeo. I entered RMPRA my first year and didn’t make the finals, and then last year, I went for it. I shot for the stars, and I got it done. And now we’re off to the next one.”
Today she’s full time rodeoing trying to achieve her next goal and with that she and Josh travel to most rodeos separately. “Our events don’t work out great to haul together,” she admits. “Having him in my corner has been the best thing for me – he believed in me way before I believed in me – he’s never made me feel my goals were less important than his.”
The decision to travel 30 hours south to go to college was not an easy one. Her mom and dad, Wendy and Patrick Chartrand, were rodeo contestants themselves, Patrick still ropes calves and Wendy has traded speed for trail riding. “I miss them a lot, but they support me in my dream to be down here. I don’t know if I have kids if I’ll let them leave and go 30 hours to rodeo.” Erika is in the process of getting her US citizenship, so she hasn’t been home for a few years. “My dad came down a month ago for the weekend and I flew my brother (Shawn) down for a weekend to help me drive.”
She considers herself fortunate to have the mounts she rides. “My good horse, Pomp, and I came down to Texas for the winter, and I was told I needed two horses if I was going to make a run at the Rookie race. Two months ago I found Juice, and he’s been my rock, He’s 12 now and he does his job every single time and all I have to think about is roping.” The other rock is Josh. “This sounds crazy, but Josh has got to be the best person to be with, he’s awesome. We’re partners in everything – honestly, we don’t even fight at all. I’m pretty lucky to be married to my best friend.” They share a commonality in horses and rodeo. “I’m glad he’s a calf roper as well as a bull rider. When we’re home, we’re working hard at it – when he leaves rodeoing bull riding, I get to steal the truck the trailer and the horse and it’s good for me.”
She is quick to offer advice to the newcomer. “You’ve got to find people that will help you out … I was a barrel racer from Canada and not a very good one. I decided to rope at 20 and I was lucky to have Josh’s family to help me out a bunch. I wouldn’t be where I am without my whole support.”

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