Meet the Member Jace Crozier

by Rodeo News

story by Riata Cummings

Jace Crozier is a 14-year-old cowboy from the small town of Neola, Utah. Jace is an eighth grader at Roosevelt Junior High School where his favorite classes include science, mathematics, and physical education. Jace is an all-around athlete, competing as a quarterback and wide receiver on his football team, as well as playing baseball and basketball. Jace is the son of Jeff and Mandie Crozier, and has an older brother, Whitt, who is attending Oklahoma Panhandle State University and competing on their rodeo team. Jace says, “Even though my parents are split, we still make it work. They always make sure I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and the best horses to ride.”
Both of Jace’s parents are accomplished rodeo athletes; his mom, a High School and College National
Finals Qualifier and his dad finishing second at the National High School Finals Rodeo tiedown roping
and going on to college rodeo for Weber State University as well as competing in the PRCA for many
years. His brother has his own list of accomplishments, including Utah State Champion Tiedown Roper in 2017. While Jace was watching his brother, dad, and cousin Wyatt rope, he gained a love for the sport and a desire to compete. At only 5-years-old, Jace started breakaway roping and tracking the lead steer on a horse named Mighty. Today, Jace competes in the tiedown roping, team roping, and ribbon roping. His favorite is the team roping because, “there is just something about pulling back on two feet with my partner P.J.” Jace has won several rodeos and team ropings near his home, and he is currently fifth in the state junior high team roping and tiedown standings. He and his partner have set a goal to qualify for the National Junior High School Finals Rodeo. Jace’s little bay calf horse, Zip, can sometimes be hot-headed, but gets the job done. He heels on a horse named Malibu, a big sorrel that gives it his all and always puts Jace in good position. Jace is grateful for his horses because, “they do their best, which helps me relax and compete.”
Rodeo has taught Jace to never give up, and that you must “keep your head down and work hard.” He has learned the importance of thanking those that help him improve and compete. Jace loves that rodeo is such an individual sport because it all boils down to how hard you have worked as an individual. He said, “You’ve got to decide if you are going to give it your best or if you’re going to try, and I like that.” Jace loves the saying “you can’t beat a person who never gives up,” which reminds him to give it his all and push to improve with every run. One of the hardest things Jace has ever had to do was say goodbye to his big brother when he went to Oklahoma for college. Jace said, “Whitt has helped me through it all with his tough love. He lets me know how to fix my mistakes and how to improve. Whenever I do good it makes me think about him and what he would say.”
Jace would like to thank his mom her support at every rodeo, his dad for putting him on good horses and providing the livestock for practice, and his brother for his help and support. He is grateful for their examples of hard work and for their loving reminders to keep pushing for his goals.

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