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The Rodeo News Mckinlee Kellett
The Rodeo News Kash Cattoor

UJHSRA member, Kash Cattoor – Scootem N Shootem Photography

stories by Magie Downare-Nevius

Kash Cattoor

Three-time National qualifier, Kash Cattoor, is settling his third season with the UJHSRA with his biggest year yet. Taking top positions in six events, the 14-year-old cowboy will compete in Des Moines, Iowa, in the tie-down roping, ribbon roping, team roping, goat tying, saddle bronc riding and chute dogging. “Kash makes us so very proud. He is competitive, but is kindhearted and carries sportsmanship above all. He’s not a contestant that competes against his peers, but rather, strives to compete against himself,” his mom, Sandy, said. In addition, Kash also took to the bareback riding this season. “It was a little difficult for Kash to compete, because he is bigger and it was hard to match steers that could handle his physique. They just didn’t fit,” Sandy said.
Kash gets his foundation and help in the roughstock events through his dad (Troy), who is a former PRCA saddle bronc and bareback rider. “Kash enjoys saddle broncs and I would say that it’s one of his favorite events,” Sandy said. At the same time, his ability to standout in the timed events is also handed down from his dad, who was a competitor in team roping and calf roping. “My job is to work primarily in keeping the kids’ horses going and helping in the practice pen, but rodeo is such a big part of our lives and we always rodeo as a family,” Sandy said. The second oldest of four children, Kash does not stand alone in competition, as his older sister (Kassie, 17) is an all-around cowgirl in the UHSRA. “The two loves to team rope together and will partner up next year when Kash reaches the high school level,” Sandy said. His two younger sisters (Kazely, 9, and Kaybrie, 5) are just getting started in their rodeo careers and hit junior rodeos when scheduling allows. “They are great supporters of the older two,” Sandy said.
Living in their house on wheels for a majority of the summer, the Cattoor family extends competition to the National Little Britches Rodeo Association, USTRC, ACTRA and additional team roping associations. Keeping a busy schedule does not stop the future freshman from additional commitments as Kash also plays football, baseball, golf, water sports and fishing. “He is definitely more dedicated to rodeo above all,” Sandy said.

The Rodeo News Mckinlee Kellett

UJHSRA member, Mckinlee Kellett – Scootem N Shootem Photography


Mckinlee Kellett

First-time qualifier, Mckinlee Kellett, found herself competing in three out of her four events at the UJHSRA finals. Taking the number-one position in the queen contest led the 14-year-old cowgirl, as she ranked among the top 15 of the barrel racing standings and competed in the ribbon roping with roping partner Korby Christiansen. “We had a good year. I’m just a little sad that it’s coming to an end,” Mckinlee said. The two-year member also enters the arena in the pole bending.
Mckinlee’s time in the arena is long-spent as she was born into a rodeo family, which allowed competition to catch on at 7 years old. Although, her mom (Joni) never rodeoed, her dad (Wes) is a team roper. “He has slowed down quite a bit and has recently just been hauling me around,” Mckinlee said. In addition, Mckinlee’s step mom (Angi) is a former Miss Rodeo Utah. “I have lots of support from my parents and a great coaching system with them all,” she said. While Mckinlee is one of five children, she is the only sibling to compete within the sport.
The future freshman of Wahlquist High School is looking forward to upping the ante and joining the UHSRA. “I’m really clicking with my barrel horse and would like to try to qualify for state my first year out, and from there, shoot for Nationals,” she said.
Mckinlee and her horse “Kirby” are said to have a special bond. Wes had bought the horse to team rope on and Kirby was a cutting-project reject and had gone through two team ropers who couldn’t get along with him. “Wes picked him up hoping to start roping and rodeoing on him, but once Kinlee saw the horse, Wes never had a chance,“ Angi said. “No one can catch Kirby out in the field, but Mckinlee can walk out there and he will come right up to her. It’s like they both found each other. They have only been running barrels a little over a year and she placed second at the UJHSRA finals with him.”


The Rodeo News Shane Hildebrant

UJHSRA member, Shay Hildebrant – Scootem N Shootem Photography


A second UJHSRA finals qualification found Shay Hildebrant competing as a four-event cowboy. The three-year timed-event contestant took to the arena in the ribbon roping, calf roping, chute dogging and team roping, which moved him to the top 25 of the all-around standings, but the 14-year-old cowboy now has bigger fish to fry as a National team roping qualifier. “It has been a big drive for him and he is so excited to go compete and participate in the Cinch activities,” his mom, Melissa, said.
As Shay’s dad (Jacob) competes in the team and calf roping and his mom barrel races, Shay has had the opportunity to make his own name since he was 5 years old within local clubs and state series. “He has won over 50 buckles since he first started. Rodeo is definitely his drive and he can’t wait to high school rodeo,” Melissa said. Passion for the sport within the family also includes Shay’s little sister (Macardi), who will compete as an all-around cowgirl in the UJHSRA her sixth grade year.
The upcoming freshman at Dixie High School is said to be all outdoors. In addition to rodeo, Shay plays baseball in the spring and enjoys shooting and hunting, but his heart stands kind and he is known as “the rodeo mayor” by his mom. “He is so friendly and is always helping everyone,” she said. Although, Shay is all boy, a soft place in his heart is left for those less fortunate. “He is really looking forward to volunteering for the Special Needs Rodeo held during Nationals. He really is an amazing person,” Melissa said.


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