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by Rodeo News

above: CePRA member Tami Hoch - Foto Cowboy

By Magie Downares-Nevius

When it comes to running the cloverleaf pattern, Tami Hoch, is no newcomer to the event as the self-made barrel racer has been competing for the past 15 years in numerous barrel racing associations. However, taking to her rookie year with the CePRA, the 35-year-old cowgirl has kicked the season off in style by jumping to the top of the standings. “It is a different world with rodeo and I like each setups for different reasons. In jackpots, I enjoy the care of the ground, but with rodeo I like the upbeat atmosphere and feel that there is more competition,” she said.
Buying her CePRA card early and starting up with the organization this past winter, Tami has tallied over $1,300 to date aboard her two mounts “Visa” and “Sandman”. As Visa is a 6-year-old bay mare and has only been running for over a year and Sandman is a 10-year-old sorrel gelding and is coming on two years on barrels, Tami says that they are both very green in the rodeo world. “They are both very competitive and I got lucky with each of them,” she said. “I am confident that they can clock, but it is a matter of staying focused with their surroundings.”
Tami had a few horses throughout her youth and had to give them up due to moving, but allowed her to gain experience in the saddle. With location changes, Tami wasn’t able to start racing until she was approximately 18 years old, after getting a horse at 17 and teaching it the pattern. “I definitely started small and worked my way up,” she said. “I didn’t know a single thing about barrel racing and started from scratch, but I went to a few clinics and watched videos from those that I admire and look up to and it just went from there.” Since then, Tami has competed with additional memberships in NBHA, BBR and BRF. “I like fast horses…that’s my deal,” she said. Her acquired knowledge in the sport has allowed Tami to train and season her own horses. “I have lots of babies that are prospects, but as of right now, they are just babies.”
Tami and her husband (Derrick) reside in Great Bend, Kans., and while Derrick does not rodeo, Tami says that he is her grounding and support. “I am definitely the animal person in the relationship and he is “Mr. Do-it”. Derrick does all of the background stuff and helps with chores and whatnot around the place, but he is also proud of me and happy to see how the horses are coming along,” Tami said. Having been married since 2002, the couple’s family is completed with dogs and a cat.
A mail carrier for the past 14 years, Tami took on a full-time position a little over a year ago, but says that her job doesn’t allow her to do too much traveling. “That’s why the CePRA is such a perfect match for me. It is a smaller association with a great atmosphere and they are more local for me,” she said. Working on creating her rodeo schedule, Tami is currently deciding if she will expand to the Kansas Professional Rodeo Association this season, but has set two main goals for the CePRA. “I feel that this is my breakout year, so would definitely like to make the finals, but primarily, I would like to season my horses,” she said. “I would llike to come out with more well-rounded, healthy horses than what I went in with and just finish the season strong.”

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