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Old Time travelers in the New World

story by Elle Parker
Top Hand Tour Vice President

Have you ever seen a blue 1991 Lincoln Town car with two bedrolls and a cooler strapped to it flying down the highway? If you ever do, wave and know it is Cody and Caden McCarthy of Winnett, Montana headed to their next rodeo. Cody (27) and Caden (17) both made a first class appearance in the world of ranch bronc riding in 2018. Both riding ranch broncs in several associations, including Top Hand Tour and WSRRA as well as saddle broncs in the NRA and open rodeos, they left tracks in many north western states.
Caden’s junior year of high school, he placed at every Top Hand Tour Wyo Rodeo Whiskey ranch bronc riding he went to and lead the standings the entire season. Winning the year-end standings and the trophy saddle at the Top Hand Tour finals in Golden, Co in August, he plans to do so again this upcoming season. Being very competitive in high school sports including basketball and football, he took this past winter off from riding broncs but will come back strong and ready to take on the title again in 2019. In fact his goal for 2019 is “never give up!”
Caden said he started riding ranch broncs when he was 15 years old. He borrowed a bronc saddle from Cody Algreen and was hooked. He said he had to get his own and travel down the road with it. He plans on attending college in Dillon, MT at University of Montana Western majoring in Ranch Management, and of course riding broncs for the rodeo team.

Caden McCarthy in Twin Bridges, MT at The Bon Accord Buckout and Muley Roping. Short go 89 points on 007 from Kurtis Koeppen - David Hollenbeck
Cody McCarthy in Douglas, WY at the Converse County Fair Ranch Rodeo and Bronc Riding - Blue Mesa Photography

Every bronc rider has a favorite bronc they like to get on. Caden told Top Hand Tour that his favorite is a big blue gelding of Selle Rodeo, -1 I Beam. “He gives a fair ride every time and has a cool personality.” I Beam got retired in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2018 where Caden drew the big bronc for his last out placing 3rd overall. Caden also said his favorite rodeo of the 2018 season was in Twin Bridges, MT at the Bon Accord Buckout and Muley Roping where him and Cody showed up late. He still rode for the win and the buckle with an 89 score in the short go on 007 from Curtis Koeppen.
Close on Caden’s heels all season long was his older brother, Cody. Riding both ranch broncs and saddle broncs, the two brothers are traveling partners and both have a lot of talent and both have goals of coming out on top for the 2019 season. Just as it was all season long in 2018, Cody placed second in the overall Top Hand Tour Wyo Rodeo Whiksey ranch bronc riding standings in Golden, Colo. Only riding broncs for a couple years, Cody placed at most rodeos he went to. Getting injured at a rodeo in Idaho in August, Cody has spent the fall and winter months healing up and training horses but says “I am ready for this summer and cant wait! Bring it on!” Being over six feet tall, he is not afraid to ride a monster of a bronc or a smaller version. In fact, Cody says his two favorite broncs are Shane Viara’s Skullcap and Pop Eye of King Rodeo. “Skullcap is big and powerful. He’s picture perfect everytime.” Pop Eye is the little horse that Cody got hurt on last summer. “She’s a firecracker. Short and stout and blows rollers the whole time in the chute” Cody recalls.
Supporting his hometown, Cody’s favorite rodeo is in Winnett, MT. “It’s fun to ride in your hometown and see familiar faces in the crowd there to cheer you on.” Both brothers plan to ride ranch broncs and saddle broncs in sereval different associations in the upcoming year traveling through Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado.
“It was really fun going from rodeoing all around Montana to getting Loretta Lynn (their car) and getting to travel to a few different states. Loretta the Lincoln Town Car had to fit two bronc saddles, two ranch bronc saddles, our gear bags and our clothes in the trunk. With little room in her backseat for our dogs, we had to strap our bedrolls and the cooler on top of the trunk. I can’t wait to start spending long hours driving her again!” says Caden. With the second tour stop for the Top Hand Tour in Rapid City, SD January 30 at the BHSS, the name MCarthy will more than likely be on the draw sheet twice as they start the new season there. Just like the bronc riders of the old days, these two brothers travel in style and give it all they got!

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