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story by Naomi Loomis, WSRRA Representative

Flanigan Ranch Rodeo Productions has been generating WSRRA sanctioned ranch rodeos in Utah for 6 years.  “We started producing WSRRA sanctioned ranch rodeos in 2010, we wanted to showcase the incredible talent we see in Utah, Eastern Nevada, Northern Arizona (The Tri State Area) and have these cowboys and cowgirls able to go to the WSRRA NFR and compete,” states Shane Flanigan. Shane, his wife Kathy and daughter Maren, based out of Iron County and Washington County, Utah, all pitch in to make their ranch rodeos a huge success.
During the 2015 WSRRA season they produced the Dennis Stowell Memorial Ranch Rodeo.  This a part of The Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival in October in Cedar City Utah, the Washington County Winter ranch Rodeo in Hurricane Utah in January, the Tremonton Winter Ranch Rodeo in Box Elder County Utah in January, and the Lincoln County Nevada Fair Ranch Rodeo in Panaca, Nevada in August.
Throughout the years they have seen a great increase in the folks that come and compete, and their abilities have also increased. They try to modify the WSRRA NFR rules to match the arena conditions/cattle for their area. They have added a 45’ minimum rope length, a handicap system to reward the teams with a team member over 55, and a youth (16 and under) division, allowing more folks to come and rope and ride. They have always been a no tie down, no rubber horn ranch rodeo from day one. Flanigan Rodeo Ranch Rodeos also have added a ladies division.  “We have had lady’s teams, flat out win a few of our ranch rodeos with our handicap system in place. One ladies team could win in an Open Ranch Rodeo without blinking an eye, they are that good,” Flanigan says.
Putting on WSRRA Ranch Rodeos is a family event for the Flanigans. “We have families that help us at each ranch rodeo. The Jay Holcomb family of New Harmony Utah, Kathy, Maren and myself, as well as at least two others help make their ranch rodeos a success,” Flanigan explains.  Cowboys and Cowgirls from Eastern Nevada, Utah, Northern Arizona, SE Idaho and SW Wyoming make their way to the WSRRA sanctioned rodeos produced by the Flanigans.
Family is a key part in making their productions successful. Maren is the head timer for all of our ranch rodeos, Kathy is our office manager. Shane judges and helps with setup and take down, and their family friends, the Holcolmbs, help behind the chutes and in the office. Jay Holcolmbs announces for them and helps were he can behind the scenes.
The Flanigan’s ranch rodeos have been very effective. “A WSRRA Member who has been to many of our ranch rodeos suggested that we pay 15% in each event to the 1st place team so as to spread the money around some more. That has been a huge success. We stay at no less than 66% payout for the entry fee. That is also a big success. In our area families are a huge part of the ranching tradition and so our ranch rodeos are family friendly. Some of our ranch rodeos are held during other family friendly events, so that makes it fun for families,” Flanigan shares.
Teams that have won at the Flanigan ranch rodeos and have had an opportunity to compete at the WSRRA Finals include: Fast Bash Team from the Lincoln County Ranch Rodeo, Cody Barfus Team from the Tremonton Winter Ranch Rodeo, Split Rock Ranch Team from the Washington County Winter Ranch Rodeo, and the 7H cattle from the Dennis Stowell Memorial Ranch Rodeo.
Generations of Flanigans from Iron County, Utah are known for their horses, cattle, sheep and Australian dogs.  Shane Flanigan works at Southern Utah University in The School of Graduate and Continuing Education, as well as the SUU Rodeo Coach. Kathy and Shane also own and run Finishing Touch Training and Sales.  They also train horses for the public and give horse riding lessons. Kathy also works for Intermountain Farmers Association in Cedar City Utah, as a fencing/animal health manager. Maren is a 911 Dispatcher for St. George, Utah and loves to rope in her spare time.  Kathy’s children Glenn and his Wife Jennifer who live in Elk Grove California, Nicole and her Husband Nathan and their son Conner who live in Kuna Idaho, Shane’s kids, Cara and Her Husband Daniel who live in Lehi Utah, with their kiddos, Miquelyn, Brooklyn, TJ, Rilyn, Jake and Spencer and Halee and her Husband Andrew who live in Reno Nevada with their Kiddos Easton and Irelyn; all enjoy being the next generation of the Flanigan’s.
When asked “Why do you produce ranch rodeos,” Flanigan exclaims, “The WSRRA is the reason we are doing this, we like the association and what it means and stands for.” Every year you can find the Flanigan family helping at the WSRRA National Finals in Winnemucca, Nevada. Kathy is in charge of the WSRRA Crisis Fund, Maren has been the head timer at the WSRRA NFR for 5 years. “You can find Kathy’s Sister, Barb at the WSRRA NFR every year, her Daughter Nicole has helped, as well as her Niece Diane, when you add Marc Page, Jonathan and Brooke Lambert, Bob and Vickie Boyd, Bobby Lewis, Dennis Bisnate (sp) and of course Marc Page and Sarah who all lived in Wilton at one time as well as a few of the others who have helped over the years, the WSRRA NFR is like “Old Home Week” for Kathy, states Flanigan.
Being a ranch rodeo producer has many rewards, and Flanigan Rodeo Production’s rewards come in many forms including folks that come from all over the USA and the World to see the contestants show off their talents. Another reward for them for them as producers, is watching young competitors have the opportunity to be participate in their ranch rodeos.  Participates that enter Flanigan rodeos get to showcase their horsemanship skills and cattle handle techniques.
“We get to see folks we know come have fun, win some money and prizes and most of all get to showcase the Ranch skills to others that come and watch. We have had folks from all over the USA and World come watch some of our ranch rodeos because of the unique events that are held during our ranch rodeo. We have seen some team members who started coming to our ranch rodeos as teenagers who are now almost 20 and do really well; in fact so well they are sought after to be on teams. They have teams that come to their ranch rodeos from Multi-Generational Ranches that go back to the mid 1800’s. It’s a neat thing to see the traditions being brought forward as well as seeing the skills and desire that folks have when they come to the ranch rodeos. We are in a unique place with some of our ranch rodeos in that we are able to showcase the skills that folks don’t get to see unless they know a ranching family and are invited to help.” Flanigan proudly reported.
Flanigan Rodeo Production’s goal is for the WSRRA teams from their ranch rodeos to go to the WSRRA NFR and come home with shining new buckles and monies.  They want to help the good hands that come and compete at their rodeos to do well, have fun, and to increase their skill and confidence level.  “We want the folks that come, watch and support our Ranch Rodeos to know what a great thing the WSRRA is and to help increase membership in the WSRRA,” Flanigan says.

You can find their rodeo schedule on Facebook ( or check out all of the WSRRA Ranch Rodeos at

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