Utah High School All-Around Kaitlyn Miller

by Rodeo News

story by Holly Wilson

Kaitlyn Miller is an all-around cowgirl who competes in team roping, breakaway, pole bending, goat tying, and barrel racing.
She grew up on a small family ranch, and was introduced to rodeo through her parents.
“They didn’t bring it up until [my siblings and I] got a little older,” Kaitlyn said. “My parents rodeoed, and they got us started. We went to a backyard rodeo and I’ve been hooked ever since.”
Kaitlyn has been competing in rodeos and continued her rodeo career throughout high school. She completes her curriculum online, and will be a senior in the fall. This leaves plenty of time for rodeo.
Although she won the Utah High School Rodeo Association women’s all-around this year, her favorite achievement was winning the same title as a freshman.
“Winning the rookie, the breakaway, and the all-around my freshman year was my greatest achievement,” Kaitlyn said. “I hadn’t had the best spring rodeos or state, and I made the finals in fourth place.”
“I was so nervous to go back, but I roped my first calf and it settled down for me, so I just did my thing.”
She credits her horses for a large portion of her success. They’ve been with her since she was eight years old, and has grown up with them.
“Everything has just worked out for me, my horses don’t get as much credit as they deserve,” Kaitlyn said. “They’re rockstars, they have made me who I am.”
Kaitlyn and her horses hope to continue their rodeo careers in college, and have a few places in mind.
“Rodeo is definitely in my future,” she said. “I’m not sure where I’m attending, but I have a few places in mind. They’re all in Texas, so we’ll see if my parents let me go. Utah and Texas are a long ways apart!”
In her downtime, Kaitlyn plays basketball and helps her family out on the ranch.
“When I’m not rodeoing, I’m out on the ranch in Nevada helping my dad with cows,” Kaitlyn said. “Our ranch is in the middle of nowhere… we always tell people to drive to the middle of nowhere and then drive 30 minutes more and you’ll find us.”
“My dad is out there most of the time. We have one million acres, I couldn’t tell you how many cows, and 1400 wild horses.”
Her parents have supported her throughout her rodeo career, and travel with her to her events. Rodeo is truly a Miller family affair.
“The whole family comes, my mom, dad, and four brothers,” Kaitlyn said. “I could never repay my parents for everything that they’ve done.
Along with the support of her parents, Kaitlyn has built strong relationships with other rodeo competitors, including reserve all-around cowgirl Taylour Latham.
“I would like to thank Taylour and the Latham family for letting me use their barrel horse while mine has been out,” she said.
Kaitlyn looks forward to her future of rodeo, with her family and friends by her side.
“Something that I’ve learned along the rodeo, is that there’s always another rodeo,” she said. “You can’t let one bad run ruin your mindset. The only thing that matters is the next one.

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