Competition winding down at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

by Susan Kanode


by Susan Kanode

for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

FORT WORTH, Texas (February 5, 2016) — A pair of Clints moved into the overall standings in the tie-down roping on Friday and now have the potential to earn a Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo championship.

Clint Robinson, from Spanish Fork, Utah, and Clint Cooper from Decatur, Texas, are now second and third respectively. They are both second-generation contestants and if either one of them leave here with a buckle, it would be a first for their immediate family members.

Robinson is the son of Lance Robinson, a five-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) qualifier. Cooper is the son of eight-time world champion Roy Cooper, and the brother of three-time world champion Tuf Cooper. With all the accolades won by family members as well as the two Clints, it’s amazing to think that if they won a title here, it would be the first within their families.

Both of these men have made the trip to Las Vegas to compete at the NFR five times and both have won big, traditional rodeos like Cheyenne, Wyo., and Pendleton, Ore.  Horsemanship in the tie-down roping is key and both of them are known for riding great horses as well.

Tim O’Connell from Zwingle, Iowa, is hungry for a world title in the bareback riding. He has qualified for the NFR the past two years and did that while he was still in college. He rode his first horse here Thursday night and his second one Friday night. He is in position to take the overall lead here with his third ride Saturday afternoon.

O’Connell scored 83.5 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Citation. That finished in second place in the round. He came back Friday night and rode J Bar J Rodeo’s Bar Bandit for 85.5 points. The overall leader here is Orin Larsen from Inglis, Manitoba with 246.5 points on three rides. O’Connell just needs a 78-point score Saturday afternoon to move ahead.

“Fort Worth and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye in the past,” O’Connell said. “Hopefully the winds are changing. I’ve got one more and hopefully two more horses to get on so we will see what happens.”

The barrel racing is shaping up to be the closest race in the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum. Kimmie Wall from Roosevelt, Utah leads with 33.53 seconds on two runs. The final spot to qualify for Saturday night’s finals is less than a quarter of a second away at 33.77. With 10 more talented rider and horse combinations left to compete Saturday afternoon, the bottom positions are definitely in jeopardy.

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and abides by their rules and bylaws. Several of this year’s contestants were eliminated from the rodeo because of an ongoing legal situation between the PRCA and the Elite Rodeo Athletes (ERA). The Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn, United States District Judge of the Northern District of Texas released an opinion on Feb. 4 denying the Plaintiffs’ (ERA) Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in their suit against the PRCA. With the judge’s decision, the PRCA bylaws at issue were immediately enforced, taking the involved contestants out of the Fort Worth Rodeo.

That opened doors for other contestants here that moved up in the standings and will have a chance to ride for the championship Saturday night. The decision did not affect the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association members as they have different bylaws.

The World’s Original Indoor Rodeo ends its 2016 run on Saturday with performances at 2 and 7:30 p.m. in Fort Worth’s historic Will Rogers Coliseum.



FORT WORTH. — The following are unofficial results from Friday’s performances of the World’s Oldest Indoor Rodeo® at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, February 5, 2016.

Twenty-sixth Performance

Bareback Riding: (two rides) 1, Caine Riddle, Vernon, Texas, 79 points on Big Rafter Rodeo’s Dirty Jeans. 2, Taylor Price, Huntsville, Texas, 76.

Steer Wrestling:  1, Chris Berry, Valley View, Texas, 5.1 seconds. 2, Austin Eller, Glendo, Wyo., 6.5. 3, Kyle Broce, Cheraw, Colo., 14.6. 4, Dean Stermer, Frisco, Texas, 15.6.

Team Roping:  (two times) 1, Ty Blasingame, Ramah, Colo., and Josh Fillmore, Penrose, Colo., 6.4 seconds. 2, Cole Dorenkamp, Lamar, Colo., and Lance Allen, Orchard, Colo., 10.8.


Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas, 78.5 points on Big Rafter Rodeo’s Marlboro Man. 2, Travis Nelson, Philip, S.D., 77.5. 3, Jacobs Crawley, Boerne, Texas, 73.5. 4, Blaise Freeman, Snyder, Texas, 69.

Tie-Down Roping:  1, Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah, 8.6. 2, Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 9.0. 3, Matt Kenney, Onawa, Iowa, 9.5. 4, Jody Green, Shakopee, Minn., 10.0.

Barrel Racing: 1, Alexa Lake, Richmond, Texas, 16.88 seconds. 2, Sarah Rose McDonald, Brunswick, Ga., 17.03. 3, Megan McLeod-Sprague, Marsing, Idaho, 17.07. 4, Davie King, Decatur, Texas, 17.09.

Bull Riding: 1, Bayle Worden, Charleston, Texas, 86 points on 4L & Diamond S Rodeo’s Rustler’s Cat. 2, Denton Fugate, Dixon, Mo., 85. 3, Freeman Yoder, Zearing, Idaho, 80. 4, Marcus Mariluch, Daingerfield, Texas, 76.5.

Twenty-seventh Performance

Bareback Riding: (three rides) 1, Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, 85.5 points on J Bar J Rodeo’s Bar Bandit. 2, David Peebles, Redmond, Ore., 77.5. 3, Caine Riddle, Vernon, Texas, 75.

Steer Wrestling: (two times) 1, Adam Strahan, Decatur, Texas, 7.7 seconds. 2, Dean Gorsuch, Gering, Neb., 14.10.

Team Roping: 1, Jim Coffman, Decatur, Texas, and J.C. Williams, Bridgeport, Texas, 5.9 seconds. 2, Cody Butler and Chuck Butler, Sanger, Texas, 6.5. 3, Levi Simpson, Panoka, Alberta, and Jeremy Buhler, Abbottsford, British Columbia, 9.9. 4, Cord Crowell, Marion, Texas, and Trey Carter III, Bellville, Texas, 12.8.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Layton Green, Meeting Creek, Alberta, 80.5 on J Bar J Rodeo’s Freckles Remover. 2, Justin Caylor, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 77.5. 3, (tie) Jake Watson, Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia, and Call Marr, Twin Butte, Alberta, 77.

Tie-Down Roping: 1, Scotty Shelton, Avondale, Colo., 13.7. 2, Justin Locock, Jonesboro, Texas, 15.6. 3, Clint Nyeguaard, Cuero, Texas, 17.5. 4, Bryce Ingo, Boone, Colo., 19.9.

Barrel Racing: 1, Carmel Wright, Roy, Mont., 16.87 seconds. 2, McKinley Goodger, Boyd, Texas, 16.90. 3, (tie) Kellie Collier, Hereford, Texas, and Jackie Ganter, Abilene, Texas, 17.05.

Bull Riding: (no qualified rides)



Current Leaders

Bareback Riding: (first round) 1, Jake Brown, Hillsboro, Texas, 86 points on Andrews Pro Rodeo’s Gypsy Rose. 2, Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, 83.5. 3, Ty Breuer, Mandan, N.D., 83. 4, Mason Clements, Sandy, Utah, 82.5. 5, Ty Fast Taypotat, Regina, Sask., 82. 6, Cody Kiser, Carson City, Nev., 80. 7, (tie) Caleb Bennett, Tremonton, Utah, and Clint Laye, Pocatello, Idaho, 79.5. (second round leaders) 1, Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La., 87 points on Four Star Rodeo’s Rusty Slim. 2, (tie) Orin Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba, and Caleb Bennett, 86, 4, Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, 85.5. 5, Jake Brown, 84. 6, (tie) Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., and Chad Rutherford, Lake Charles, La., 83.5. 8, Teddy Athan, Livermore, Calif., 83.(third round leaders) 1, Bill Tutor, Huntsville, Texas, 84.5 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Bunny Girl. 2, Chad Rutherford, 83.5.  3, Orin Larsen, 83. 4, Evan Jayne, 82.5. 5, Winn Ratliff, 81. 6, Mason Clements, 80. 7, (tie) Tanner Aus and Caleb Bennett, 79.5.

(total on three) 1, Orin Larsen, 246.5. 2, Caleb Bennett, 245. 3, Winn Ratliff, 242.5. 4, Mason Clements, 241.5. 5, Evan Jayne, 236.5. 6, Clint Laye, 232. 7, Luke Creasy, Lovington, N.M., 231. 8, (tie) Devan Reilly, Sheridan, Wyo.; Justin Pollmiller, Weatherford, Okla., and Bill Tutor, 230.

Steer Wrestling: (second round) 1, (tie) Sterling Lambert, Fallon, Nev., and Jule Hazen, Ashland, Kan., 4.0 seconds. 3, (tie) Chance Campbell, Sinton, Texas, 4.2. and Tyler Waguespack, Gonzales, La., 4.2.  5, (tie) Jake Rinehart, Highmore, S.D., and J.D. Struxness, Appleton, Minn., 4.3. 7, (tie) Cole Fulton, Miller, S.D., and Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont., 4.4. 9, (tie) Clayton Tuchscherer, Dona Ana, N.M.; Chason Floyd, Buffalo, S.D., and Taz Olson, Prairie City, S.D., 4.5.

(total on two) 1, Matt Reeves, Cross Plains, Texas, 8.9 seconds. 2, Brother Loud, Kaufman, Texas, 9.6. 3, Jake Rinehart, 9.8 seconds. 4, Joe Buffington, Wheatland, Wyo., 10.1. 5, Jason Thomas, Benton, Ark., 10.2. 6, (tie) Dirk Tavenner, Rigby, Idaho, and Ty Erickson, 10.4. 8, Clayton Tuchscherer, Dona Ana, N.M., 10.8. 9, Timmy Sparing, Helena, Mont., 10.9. 10, Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 11.2.

Team Roping: (first round) 1, (tie) Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas, and B.J. Dugger, Three Rivers, Texas, and Kolton Schmidt, Barrhead, Alberta, and Shay Carroll, Prineville, Ore., 4.5 seconds. 3, (tie) Nathan McWhorter, Telephone, Texas, and and Dustin Davis, Terrell, Texas; Joel Bach, San Augustine, Texas, and Kory Koontz, Stephenville, Texas, and JoJo LeMond, Andrews, Texas, and Jim Ross Cooper, Stephenville, Texas, 4.7. 6, (tie) Adam Rose, Willard, Mo., and Walt Woodard, Stephenville, Texas, and Ty Blasingame, Ramah, Colo., and Josh Filmore, Penrose, Colo., 4.8. (second round) 1, Clay Smith, Broken Bow, Okla., and Paul Eaves, Lonedell, Mo., 3.9 seconds. 2, Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah, and Cole Davison, Roosevelt, Utah, 4.0. 3, (tie) Matt Sherwood, Pima, Ariz., and Quinn Kesler, Holden, Utah, and Bull Austin, East Bernard, Texas, and Dee Rampey, Bertram, Texas, 4.2. 5, Garrett Tonozzi, Fruita, Colo., and Bret Tonozzi, Loma, Colo., 4.5. 6, (tie) Coleman Proctor, Pryor, Okla., and Buddy Hawkins II, Columbus, Kan.; Cody Snow, Los Olivos, Calif., and Dugan Kelly, Paso Robles, Calif., and Rowdy Rieken, Arp, Texas, and Justin Price, La Veta, Colo., 4.6.


(total on two) 1, Clay Smith and Paul Eaves, 9.4 seconds. 2, Luke Brown, Stephenville, Texas, and Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., 9.9. 3, Blaine Vick, Dublin, Texas, and Dakota Kirchenschlager, Morgan Mill, Texas, 10.1. 4, Dylan Gordon, Comanche, Okla., and Austin Rogers, Crescent, Okla., 10.4. 5, Matt Sherwood and Quinn Kesler 10.5. 6, Coleman Proctor and Buddy Hawkins II, 10.6. 7, Colt Fisher, Sulphur, La., and Corey Hendrick, Huntsville, Texas, 10.7. 8, Casey Gattis, Junction, Texas, and Kirt Jones, Hobbs, N.M., 10.8. 9, Zac Small, Welch, Okla., and Wesley Thorp, Stephenville, Texas, 10.9. 10, Rowdy Rieken and Justin Price, 11.0.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (first round) 1, Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, 84 points on Western Rodeo’s Jet Liner, $4,776. 2, (tie) Troy Crowser, Whitewood, S.D., and Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas, 83.5, $3,184 each. 4, Joe Harper, Paradise Valley, Nev., 82.5, $1,751. 5, Charlie Kogianes, Provo, Utah, 81.5, $1,115. 6, (tie) Clay Elliott, Nanton, Alberta, and Joey Sonnier III, New Iberia, La., 81, $716 each. 8, (tie) Kobyn Williams, De Berry, Texas, and Layton Green, Meeting Creek, Alberta, $239 each. (second round) 1, Alex Wright, Milford, Utah, 83 points on Pro Rodeos, Inc.’s Ruby Tuesday. 2, (tie) Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, and Sam Spreadborough, Snyder, Texas, 82.5. 4, (tie) Audy Reed, Spearman, Texas; Dalton Davis, Holcomb, Kan., and Cooper DeWitt, Rio Rico, Ariz., 82. 7, Joey Sonnier III, New Iberia, La., 81. 8, (tie) Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., Tyrel Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba, and Brady Nicholes, Hoytsville, Utah, 159.5.

(total on two) 1, Jake Wright, 166.5. 2, (tie) Sterling Crawley, Joey Sonnier III and Dalton Davis, 162. 5, Alex Wright, 161. 6, Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., 160.5. 7, Sam Spreadborough, 160. 8, (tie) Troy Crowser, Tyrel Larsen, Brady Nicholes, 159.

Tie-Down Roping:  (second round) 1, Garrett Hale,Snyder, Texas, 8.1 seconds. 2, (tie) Justin Brinkerhoff, Corinne, Utah, and Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., 8.3. 4, Cheyenne Harper, Iowa, La., 8.4. 5, Ike Fontenot, Ville Platte, La., 8.5. 6, (tie) Bryson Sechrist, Apache, Okla.; Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah, and Clayton Collmorgan, Lufkin, Texas, 8.6.

(total on two) 1, Jordan Ketscher, 17.0. 2, Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah, 17.4. 3, Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 17.7. 4, Justin Macha, Needville, Texas, 17.8. 5, (tie) Ryle Smith and Reese Reimer, Stinnett, Texas, 18.1. 7, Jerrad Hofstetter, Shallow Water, Texas, 18.2. 8, Bradley Bynum, 18.4. 9, (tie) Clint Singleton, Comfort, Texas; Cody McCartney, Ottawa Lake, Mich., and Ryan Watkins, Morgan Mill, Texas, 18.5.

Barrel Racing: (second round) 1, Andrea Busby, Brock, Texas, 16.69 seconds. 2, Kimmie Wall, 3, Ashley Day, Volburg, Mont., 16.72. 4, Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, 16.75. 5, Paxton Segelke, Snyder, Colo., 16.78.  6, Tiany Schuster, Krum, Texas, 16.79. 7, Carman Pozzobon, Savana, British Columbia, 16.86. 8, Carmel Wright, Roy, Mont. 16.87.

(total on two) 1, Kimmie Wall, 33.52 seconds. 2, Tiany Shuster, 33.54. 3, Andrea Busby, 33.56. 4, Taylor Jacob, 33.57. 5, Kelly Tovar, Rockdale, Texas, 33.58. 6, Paxton Segelke, 33.64 7, Kellie Collier, Hereford, Texas, 33.65. 8, Danyelle Campbell, Millsap, Texas, 33.69. 9, Dena Kirkpatrick, Post, Texas, 33.70. 10, Sarah Rose McDonald, Brunswick, Ga., 33.74.

Bull Riding: (first round) 1, Trent Jacobson, Irwin, Idaho, 88 points on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Amplified Howdy. 2, Clayton Savage, Yoder, Wyo., 87.5. 3, Shad Heiner, Morgan, Utah, 86.5. 4, (tie) Tyler Smith, Fruita, Colo.; Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Okla., and Kody DeShon, Helena, Mont., 85.5. 6, (tie) Rocky McDonald, Colonia Juarez, Mexico, and Jeff Askey, Athens, Texas, 84.5. (second round) 1, Bayle Worden, Charleston, Texas, 86 points on 4L & Diamond S Rodeo’s Rustler’s Cat. 2, (tie) Tate Stratton, Kellyville, Okla., on Rafter G Rodeo’s Thunderstruck; Trevor Kastner, Ardmore, Okla., on Rafter G’s Raptor, and Dustin Bowen, Waller, Texas, on Four Star Rodeo’s No Dice,  85.5. 5, (tie) Ednei Caminhas, Denton, Texas, and Denton Fugate, Dixon, Mo., 85. 7, Eli Vastbinder, Statesville, N.C., 84.5. 8, (tie) Cody Rostockyj, Lorena, Texas; Jordan Sammons, Splendora, Texas, and Luke Haught, Weatherford, Texas, 83.

(total on two) 1, Ednei Caminhas, 168.5 points. 2, Trevor Kastner, 164. 3, Freeman Yoder, Zearing, Iowa, 163.5. 4, Shad Heiner, 161.5. 5, (tie) Tyler Bingham and Kody DeShon, 161.  7, Jordan Sammons, 159.5. 8, Riker Carter, Stone, Idaho, 159. 9, Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah, 158. 10, Sage Kimzey, 156.

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