ProFile: Kaycee Feild

by Siri Stevens

Kaycee Feild is 10x WNFR bareback riding qualifier, winning the world as well as the average standings four times (2011-2014). The father of three (Chaimberlyn, Remingtyn, and Huxyn) lives in Genola, Utah, with his wife, Stephanie. Kaycee is the son of 5x PRCA World Champion Lewis and Veronica Feild. He started getting on bucking horses and taking is seriously in 2003, getting his PRCA card in 2007. “I’m fortunate, I’ve broke my riding arm three times, my left collar bone; I’ve had hip surgery, ruptured ribs, cracked my jaw, fractured my skull, but when you’ve done it as long as I have and seen what I’ve seen, I feel fortunate to still do what I love to do.”
He sustained an injury last year on March 31 in Austin that kept the 32 year old sidelined for three full months. “I hit my head, my face, and got kicked on top of my head. I was unconscious for four minutes and when I came too, my vision was blurry and my brain was swelling. They scanned my brain every two hours to check for pressure.” His recovery took a full three months, and he was able to stay on top of the leaderboard all the way through his recovery time until Clayton Biglow passed him.
Kaycee has found a product that he relies on to keep him riding strong and hastens his recovery time. He discovered PWRr Pro CBD while searching for a product to help his youngest son, Huxyn. “My little boy has been hospitalized several times with asthma. They’ve had him on every kind of steroid as well as a puffer. All of that was changing who he was. I felt at the age of four, he shouldn’t have a personality change.” When they were at the NFR a year ago, he had a flair-up and had to be rushed by ambulance to the ER. “I found what I thought was the purest CBD oil – I’d heard it helped with asthma. We saw a difference in him,” explained Kaycee. “Before when he knew his breathing was bad, he would get really nervous and panic. With the CBD, and the inflammation fighters in that, it would calm his breathing. He hasn’t been to the hospital since that.” When he returned home from the NFR, he reached out to a friend who had been researching CBD oil and discovered PWR Pro CBD. “My partners have been formulating nutritional products and personal care products.”
“When I was in the hospital after my accident, my wife and brother got to the hospital the next day and brought my CBD oil. Instead of the nausea I went to sleep,” he remembers. “When I woke up, I didn’t have a headache and I could see. I credit a lot of my success and my comeback on the July 2 to CBD.”
Kaycee has no intent to stop rodeoing. “I still crave it – there was a point after I lost my dad that I didn’t want to get on bucking horses,” he admits. “I had a bad attitude, but leading up the American when I won it in 2016, there were some things that fell together to make it fun again. Winning the American was like finding the fountain of Youth again. Things changed and I still get hungry to ride. You’ll know when it’s your time – I heard that from my dad and I know that will come someday.
“I know I can still go – my body is doing great. I want a fifth world title, but with life and the things that It brings – we will see.” He knows that the time will come for him to quit. “My kids will be at the perfect age. It takes selfish time to be in a world champion’s caliber. You have to push a lot of things to the side and keep your head down and focused to ride bucking horses. This is a young man’s sport for sure.”
“Life after rodeo is important, and I’ve got to take care of business to take care of my family. I want to give back to the sport of rodeo – somehow I will use some of the profits that this company makes to help me give back to rodeo and to the military. I dream of having a ranch someday that I can offer military men and women to come to that are experiencing PTSD and help them.”

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