Rookie Emily Taylor Outruns Veterans in Crossett

by Ann Bleiker

Courtesy of Ann Bleiker

Emily Taylor of Emory, Texas, turned in her biggest weekend of her young WPRA rodeo career winning the Crossett Riding Club 72nd Annual PRCA Rodeo and placing seventh at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo.

The muddy conditions in Crossett, Arkansas, didn’t seem to bother first year member Taylor and her mare Czech as they stopped the clock in 17.67 seconds.

“Czech took the lead at Crossett, AR after a perf and slack,” wrote Taylor on her Facebook page on Thursday, June 25. “It was a sloppy mess, but I don’t think she even noticed. Three more perfs to go and the ground will probably dry up a lot these next few nights. Here’s hoping we hang in there for a check!”

Taylor most definitely got a check the largest of the weekend taking home $2,495 ahead of Wrangler NFR qualifier Tiany Schuster who took second in a time of 17.96 seconds and $2,121.

Taylor then made her way to Mesquite, Texas, where she rode her other mare she calls Diva. The duo stopped the clock in 15.35 seconds to finish seventh and added $277 to her weekend total.

“It was such a great and fun week,” wrote Taylor on Facebook. “I got to see some friends at each rodeo and even made a couple of new ones! I have no idea what I did to deserve these two mares, but I’m thankful for them every day.

With her success over the weekend, Taylor is now ranked 10th in the WPRA Rookie Standings.

Fellow Texan Jill Wilson of Snyder joined Taylor in having a profitable weekend winning the Mesquite Championship Rodeo in a time of 15.11 seconds to pocket $968 and was fourth in Crossett in a time of 18.20 to add $1,497 to her 2020 standings. Wilson is currently ranked fourth in the world and looking for her first Wrangler NFR qualification.

Brandy Gilbert of Springtown, Texas, was lightening fast in the breakaway roping in Mesquite stopping the clock in 1.9 seconds. Gilbert edged 17-time WPRA World Champion JJ Hampton who finished with a 2.0-second run.

The other ProRodeo over the weekend featuring breakaway roping was in Kadoka, S.D., where Rickie Engesser and Sawyer Gilbert tied for the win. Engesser and Gilbert both turned in 2.0 second runs to outdistance Rickie’s sister, Taylor, who stopped the clock in 2.4 seconds.

Winning the barrel racing in Kadoka was Callahan Tryan with a 17.72 second run. Tryan earned $1,424. Kelley Wheelhouse was second in 17.86 seconds, while Wrangler NFR qualifier Jessica Routier was third in 17.89 seconds.

This week will find contestants crisscrossing the United States on what has annually become known as “Cowboy Christmas.” While the 2020 edition will take on a whole new look with many contestants venturing to rodeos they have never been, it will by far be the busiest week of rodeos this year with 14 rodeos on the schedule (June 29-July 6) spread between Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. WPRA Breakaway roping will be featured at six of those rodeos.

The Digital Rodeo Tournament presented by The Cowboy Channel came to a close last week with champions being named in each event over the weekend Live on the Cowboy Channel. No. 14 ranked barrel racer at the start of the tournament, Brittany Barnett won the barrel racing fan voting over No. 8 Carly Taylor. A total of 60,255 voted in the final round with Barnett receiving 54.44% of the votes to Taylor’s 45.56%. Both ladies are looking for their first qualification to the Wrangler NFR this year and hoping they will have as much success in the real arena as they did in the digital arena. Congratulations to both and thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.




Crossett, AR – 1. Emily Taylor, 17.67 seconds, $2,495; 2. Tiany Schuster, 17.96, $2,121; 3. Leia Pluemer, 18.00, $1,746; 4. Jill Wilson, 18.20, $1,497; 5. Kindyl Scruggs, 18.36, $1,247; 6. Victoria Williams, 18.37, $873; 7. Ivy Hurst, 18.47, $624; 8. Jimmie Smith, 18.55, $499; 9. Jennifer Sharp, 18.64, $437; 10. Kelley Carrington-French, 18.66, $374; 11. (tie) Josey Owens and Lisa Thornton, 18.75, $281 each.


Mesquite, TX – Barrels – 1. Jill Wilson, 15.11 seconds, $968; 2. Stevi Hillman, 15.23, $830; 3. Megan Swint, 15.25, $692; 4. Kindyl Scruggs, 15.28, $599; 5. Paige Jones, 15.30, $461; 6. Emily Miller, 15.31, $369; 7. Emily Taylor, 15.35, $277; 8. Shelby McCamey, 15.39, $184; 9. Jackie Ganter, 15.42, $138; 10. (tie) Cheyenne Wimberley and Shelley Morgan, 15.43, $46 each.


Breakaway – 1. Brandy Gilbert, 1.9 seconds, $763; 2. JJ Hampton, 2.0, $632; 3. Loni Kay Lester, 2.1, $500; 4. McKenzie Ray, 2.2, $368; 5. (tie) Kayelen Helton and Lari Dee Guy, 2.4, $184 each.


Kadoka, SD – Barrels – 1. Callahan Tryan, 17.72 seconds, $1,424; 2. Kelly Wheelhouse, 17.86, $1,221; 3. Jessica Routier, 17.89, $1,017; 4. Kristen Zancanella, 17.90, $882; 5. Amanda Welsh, 17.93, $678; 6. (tie) Erin Williams and Ginalee Sinner, 17.94, $475 each; 8. (tie) Lakken Bice and D’Ann Gehlsen, 18.01, $237 each; 10. Heather Crowley, 18.03, $136.


Breakaway – 1. Rickie Engesser and Sawyer Gilbert, 2.1 seconds, $1,819 each; 3. Taylor Engesser, 2.4, $1,438; 4. (tie) Moriah Glaus and Emma Charleston, 2.5, $1,058 each; 6. (tie) Kristi Steffes and Ginalee Sinner, 2.8, $550 each; 8. Amber Crowley, 2.9, $169

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