Roper Review: Brock Middleton

by Teri Edwards

Sometimes fate steps in and totally changes our life…
“Back in the mid-90’s, one Sunday afternoon, my dad and I were driving around, drinking beer, “says Brock. “We took a wrong turn down a dirt road and stumbled upon Grady Harper’s arena where they were team roping. We had no clue what they were doing but it looked like fun.”
Not long after, the Middleton’s bought three horses out of a pasture that had never been ridden. They sent them to local trainer, Ray Scott, who broke them. Then they bought a couple of steers to put in his calf-roping pen and started roping them. After a while they got a little better.
At that time, the Middleton’s couldn’t afford to build the arena they wanted. So every night, after work, Brock and his dad would saddle the horses and haul them two hours to practice. They would get home about 1 a.m. and be ready to work the next morning at 5:30. They did this for four years while growing their construction company.
“My dad wanted to wait until we could afford to build a nice pen,” explains Middleton. “Once we did, everyone within forty miles would come to our place rope three nights a week.”
“My dad got sick a few years ago and had to quit roping for a while. Now I practice on the Heel-O-Matic a few times a week. I have a new six-year old horse named Coon, and roping the Heel-O-Matic is really better for him than roping live cattle. We’re still getting to know each other.”
Brock grew up playing softball and football in high school before attending Valdosta State College with a degree in business.
A few years ago Brock and his brother, Keith, bought the commercial construction business from his dad. CGM Construction Group projects include hospitals, schools, and churches. They work all over the country and as far away as Jamaica and Puerto Rico.
“We bought the company and have grown it fairly quickly. While my brother stays in the office most of the time, I’m usually in the field. My secretary is my aunt, and my dad still works part time. We employ about 20 people, most of whom have been with us for quite some time.”
The Middleton’s are a close family and on any given Sunday you can usually find them grilling out, entertaining, and spending time together. Brock and his wife, Dana, have three children between them: Caleb Howard, 18, Caroline, 16, and Rose, 14. The family enjoys the beach and traveling.

How much do you practice?
I rope the Heel-O-Matic several times a week. I rope the heading dummy almost every evening with my dad, while we drink wine.
Do you make your own horses?
No, I buy them.
Who have been your roping heroes?
When I started roping, I looked up to Brad Culpepper. He’s from my hometown. I admire Kaleb Driggers and what he’s accomplished.
Who do you respect most in the world?
My father.
Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My family.
If you had a day off what would you like to do?
Go to the beach with my wife. Take a 12-pack of beer, stick our toes in the water, and relax.
Favorite movie?
The Man from Snowy River
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Outgoing, loud, big hearted.
What makes you happy?
My family. When they’re happy, I’m happy.
What makes you angry?
Dishonest people.
If you were given 1 million dollars, how would you spend it?
Pay off my house and build a pool for my wife. Then I would like to travel to big ropings and spend time with my roping friends.
What is your best quality?
I’m pretty generous.

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