Saddle bronc rider Real makes most of opportunity


KISSIMMEE, Fla. – All of saddle bronc rider Joaquin Real’s hard work Friday went for naught on Friday night.

Real made three total rides – two of which were re-rides – and he had no score to show for it

at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo at the Silver Spurs Arena.

“The third horse I got on (Friday) got me down (and bucked him off),” Real said. “I was pretty gassed and I was a little sore today.”

Real didn’t act sore Saturday afternoon.

The Santa Paula, Calif., cowboy took the second-round lead at the RNCFR with an 83-point ride on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Another Gray.

“I had to do good today to get a check,” said Real, 33. “I’ve seen that horse a handful of times and I always wanted to get on it and things worked out for me with that ride. That was a great horse and it felt good. I was really needing something like that. Today turned out to be great for me.”

Real wasn’t able to wait and see if his ride will hold up for the win, as he had to catch a flight from nearby Orlando at 6 p.m. (ET) to get to California, so he can compete at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo. The second round of the RNCFR concludes tonight at 7:30 (ET).

“I hope it holds up,” Real said. “There are 12 more guys who will go tonight, so we will have to see. I think it will get a good check, for sure.”

Real, who placed 35th in the world standings a year ago with $24,963, is making his fourth appearance at the RNCFR. He punched his most recent RNCFR ticket by winning the California Circuit Year-End title.

Like Real, tie-down roper Cy Eames was able to seize his moment in the second round, grabbing the round lead with a 9.0-second run.

“I have a good chance to win some money in the second round,” said Eames, who competes for the Wilderness Circuit and is making his RNCFR debut. “The calf was good. I had to run her a little farther than I wanted. If I caught her a little quicker, I would be doing a little better in the average, but it worked out and I’m glad I’m here and grateful for this experience. There are a lot of things to do in Florida, and they’ve done a great job of putting this on. The hospitality is amazing.”

Eames, of Gooding, Idaho, is sitting fourth in the average heading into tonight’s performance with a 19.5-second time on two head. Eames is riding his 13-year-old horse, Lambo, at the RNCFR.

“Last year I was more of a circuit cowboy and this year I will go to quite a few more rodeos, and try and make the Finals,” said Eames, 25. “I would love to advance here (at the RNCFR), but if I don’t at least I know I tried my best.”

In addition to Real and Eames, other second-round leaders are bareback rider Tim O’Connell (87 points on Harry Vold’s Painted Coast), steer wrestler Josh Peek (4.0 seconds), team ropers Coleman Proctor and Jake Long (4.8 seconds), barrel racer Emily Miller (15.71 seconds) and bull rider Jake Gowdy (79.5 points on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Dragonfly).

The average leaders are O’Connell (170.5 points on two), steer wrestler Riley Duvall (9.0 seconds on two), team ropers Jake Orman and Tyler Domingue (12.5 seconds on two), saddle bronc rider J.J. Elshere (163 points on two), tie-down roper Sterling Smith (17.0 seconds on two), barrel racer Sherry Cervi (31.44 seconds on two runs), and Gowdy (160.5 points on two). The RNCFR will crown its 2016 national champions in the final performance at 2:30 (ET) Sunday.

The tournament-style RNCFR format determines the national circuit champions in each event. All 24 qualifiers from the 12 circuits compete in the two preliminary rounds of the rodeo. The top eight contestants from the two-head average in each event advance to the semifinals, with all previous scores and times thrown out. The top four move on to the final round, and a sudden-death competition determines the national circuit champion in each event.

The Wrangler Network will be live streaming all the action from the RNCFR. The coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. (ET) today and at 2:30 p.m. (ET) tomorrow. Log on to to watch.



Kissimmee, Fla., April 7-10

Bareback riding: First round: 1. (tie) Chase Erickson, on United Pro Rodeo’s Little Dougy, and R.C. Landingham, on Big Rafter Rodeo’s Logan’s Crossing, Mason Clements, on Stace Smith Pro Rodeos’ Miss Dunny, Tim O’Connell, on Korkow Rodeo’s Bambino Vold, 83.5 points, $4,121 each; 5. Ty Breuer, 80.5, $1,311; 6. Jake Brown, 80, $937. Second round leaders: 1. Tim O’Connell, 87 points on Harry Vold Rodeo’s Painted Coast; 2. Clayton Biglow, 82.5; 3. Evan Jayne, 81.5; 4. Frank Morton, 79.5; 5. Ty Breuer, 79; 6. Justin Miller, 78. Average leaders: 1. Tim O’Connell, 170 points on two head; 2. Ty Breuer, 159; 3. Clayton Biglow, 158; 4. (tie) Frank Morton and Evan Jayne, 157 each; 6. Justin Miller, 156.

Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Sterling Lambert, 4.6 seconds, $6,182; 2. Riley Duvall, 4.8, $4,683; 3. (tie) Cody Pratt and Jule Hazen, 4.9, $2,810 each; 5. Shayde Etherton, 5.3, $1,311; 6. (tie) Colt Floyd and Blaine Jones, 5.6, $468 each. Second round leaders: 1. Josh Peek, 4.0 seconds; 2. Riley Duvall, 4.2; 3. Ty Erickson, 4.8; 4. Juan Alcazar Jr., 5.0; 5. Kyle Whitaker, 6.2; 6. Blaine Jones, 6.6. Average leaders: 1. Riley Duvall, 9.0 seconds on two head; 2. Josh Peek, 9.6; 3. Blaine Jones, 12.0; 4. Kyle Whitaker, 12.1; 5. Ty Erickson, 14.0; 6. Colt Floyd, 15.9.

Team roping: First round: 1. Jake Orman/Tyler Domingue, 5.3 seconds, $6,182; 2. Billy Bob Brown/Garrett Jess, 6.3, $4,683; 3. J.B. Lord/Levi Lord, 6.5, $3,372; 4. Andrew Ward/Tyler Worley, 6.6, $2,248; 5. (tie) Tyler Wade/Kinney Harrell, Barak Freeman/Asher Freeman and Eric Fabian/Shawn Quinn, 6.9, $749 each. Second round leaders: 1. Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 4.8 seconds; 2. Spencer Mitchell/Russell Cardoza, 5.3; 3. Shawn Bessette/Sid Sporer, 6.1; 4. Blake Hirdes/Joseph Shawnego, 6.5; 5. Jake Orman/Tyler Domingue, 7.2; 6. Eric Fabian/Shawn Quinn, 13.4. Average leaders: 1. Jake Orman/Tyler Domingue, 12.5 seconds on two head; 2. Shawn Bessette/Sid Sporer, 13.4; 3. Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 15.1; 4. Blake Hirdes/Joseph Shawnego, 16.7; 5. Eric Fabian/Shawn Quinn, 20.3; 6. Barak Freeman/Asher Freeman, 21.4.

Saddle bronc riding: First round: 1. Jacobs Crawley, 84 points on Sutton Rodeo’s Prom Night, $6,182; 2. Allen Boore, 82, $4,683; 3. J.J. Elshere, 81, $3,372; 4. (tie) Sam Spreadborough, Heith DeMoss and Rusty Wright, 80.5, $1,499 each. Second round leaders: 1. Joaquin Real, 83 points on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Another Gray; 2. J.J. Elshere, 82; 3. Rusty Wright, 81; 4. Doug Aldridge, 79.5; 5. Brody Cress, 77.5; 6. Max Filippini, 75.5. Average leaders: 1. J.J. Elshere, 163 points on two head; 2. Rusty Wright, 161.5; 3. Jacobs Crawley, 159; 4. Doug Aldridge; 155.5; 5. Max Filippini, 151.5; 6. Ryan Bestol, 150.

Tie-down roping: First round: 1. Sterling Smith, 7.8 seconds, $6,182; 2. Josh Peek, 7.9, $4,683; 3. Cole Bailey, 8.7, $3,372; 4. Taylor Santos, 8.9, $2,248; 5. Timber Moore, 9.8, $1,311; 6. Brice Ingo, 10.0, $937. Second round leaders: 1. Cy Eames, 9.0 seconds; 2. (tie) Blake Hirdes, Sterling Smith and Josh Peek, 9.2 each; 5. Jason Schaffer, 9.4; 6. Tristan Mahoney, 10.3. Average leaders: 1. Sterling Smith, 17.0 seconds on two head; 2. Josh Peek, 17.1; 3. Blake Hirdes, 19.4; 4. Cy Eames, 19.5; 5. Jason Schaffer, 20.3; 6. Tristan Mahoney, 31.3.

Barrel racing: First round: 1. Sherry Cervi, 15.58 seconds, $6,182; 2. Emily Miller, 15.86, $4,683; 3. Sarah Kieckhefer, 15.90, $3,372; 4. Kelly Tovar, 15.92, $3,372; 5. Calyssa Thomas, 15.94, $1,311; 6. Ivy Conrado, 15.95, $937. Second round leaders: 1. Emily Miller, 15.71 seconds; 2. Ivy Conrado, 15.77; 3. Natalie Foutch, 15.84; 4. Sherry Cervi, 15,86; 5. Jennifer Barrett and Pamela Capper, 16.04 each. Average leaders: 1. Sherry Cervi, 31.44 seconds on two head; 2. Emily Miller, 31.57; 3. Ivy Conrado, 31.72; 4. Pamela Capper, 32.06; 5. Calyssa Thomas, 32.33; 6. Jennifer Barrett, 32.34.

Bull riding: First round: 1. Jake Gowdy, 81 points on Painted Pony Championship Rodeo’s Gentleman Jack, $6,182; 2. Cody Rostockyj, 80.5, $4,683; 3. Lon Danley, 75.5, $3,372; no other qualified rides. Second round leaders: 1. Jake Gowdy, 79.5 points on Pickett Pro Rodoe’s Dragon Fly; no other qualified rides. Average leaders: 1. Jake Gowdy, 160 points on two head; 2. Cody Rostockyj, 80 point on one head; 3. Lon Danley, 75.

Total payoff: $704,353. Stock contractors: Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo, Painted Pony Championship Rodeo, United Pro Rodeo, Brookman-Hyland Rodeo, Big Rafter Rodeo, Klein Brothers Pro Rodeo, Harry Vold Rodeo, Korkow Rodeos, Hi Lo ProRodeo, Rafter H Rodeo Livestock, Silver Spurs Club, Sutton Rodeos, Three Hills Rodeo, Silver Creek Rodeo, Pickett Rodeo and Stace Smith Pro Rodeos, Pete Carr Pro Rodeo.

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