On The Trail with Dale Brisby

by Siri Stevens

Dale can go “90 on anything that pitches,” even a unicorn!

“Of course I’ll talk to ya, I’m so honest you can shoot dice with me over the phone!” Dale Brisby is not afraid to wear his name on his hat. “I am the best there is, was, or ever will be! I’ve been to the winning circle so many times, it’d make a normal man dizzy!” boasts the Texas bull rider. His rodeo career began early. “Rodeo has been my life, I’ve been goin 90 since before the war!” He started riding sheep, then graduated to steers and bulls, and went on to college rodeo. Where he obtained an undergraduate and a graduate degree in – ag leadership and education. “I done been 90 in the rodeo arena and the classroom ol’ son!”


His dad was a hand at all things cowboy. Watching as his father shoes a horse. – Courtesy of the family

“I have a really good time rodeoing and I like to live that life through social media. I am grateful every day that anyone might find what I do entertaining enough to give me a second look. I thank God everyday that He blessed me with a path to salvation through His son, with living in this country, for making me a cowboy, and for making me the most humble bull riding legend ever to walk the earth. If there’s a better life, I don’t know it.”

“Whenever I get together with my camara man, Randy Quartieri, and Leroy Gibbons, we’re like a bunch of little kids giggling and building a tree house. It’s just fun. And that’s how life should be! Especially if you’re a cowboy, and especially if you’re a Christian. I want to live my life through social media in a way that people see that.”

“The Lord put me on this earth to spend time in the rodeo arena. I’ve competed and mastered all three rough stock events professionally and I have also fought bulls professionally. It was shortly after college rodeo that I decided to pursue one event and only enter the bull riding. As many goals as I have set and accomplished, it’s getting a bit mundane. So I am always looking for new horizons!”


Dale Brisby shows up to Justin Sports Medicine Fashion Show ready to handle a little ‘Risky Business’ – Rodeo News

He has mastered social media – his videos have been seen by millions. “I was always considered the class clown, but I think that was only because I was different than everyone else. I didn’t conform my personality to the status quo then, and I still don’t today. How many other people do you see walk into Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas with mud boots, holes in their jeans, only a vest on, and their only concern is that everyone know it is ‘Rodeo Time’.”


Getting ready to ride – Randy Quartieri

He has brought his concept not only to social media, but to the retail market and motivational speaking engagements. He lives his ministry through focusing on his faith. “My business plan is prayer. I have some goals, but mainly, I want to please the Lord. That comes first. If that remains my priority then I will be at peace with whatever the outcome is.”

“I believe social media is merely a tool. A very powerful one that can be used for good or bad. For me, it is where I can hopefully give someone a break in their stressful day and make them laugh. Everyone of my videos may not quote scripture, but hopefully they can see Christ’s love through the way I live my life. Thank you to anyone who follows or subscribes to my shenanigans, you are why I do what I do. Hit me up in the DM’s!”

He partnered up with Fallon Taylor to create a series of videos poking fun at the barrel racing world. “We give barrel racers an inside look at bull riders and she gives bull riders and inside look at barrel racing. We do Snapchat takeovers where we run each others’ Snapchat.”


He has produced more than 100 videos and his goals for the future include more retail adventures. “I’d love to be the one spot people go for all things rodeo and obviously continue to rodeo.”


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