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Hello Ropers,
It is good to be back writing to you again touching base on what we need to be focusing on. I have been on the road for five weeks doing clinics and lessons and it keeps me in check on making sure we continue to build on our correct fundamentals.
As I said in a previous article, your horse is without a doubt your number one tool. The first day of every clinic most of the students would warm their horses up without ever practicing swinging their ropes in the process. This is a must. The more comfortable you become riding and swinging at the same time, the more at ease you will be when it comes time to rope cattle.
We have talked about headers opening up their shoulders to the steer or becoming square to their target. There is not a better time to practice this when warming up.
Heelers, a great opportunity for you to warm up mentally is during someone else’s warm up. You can get to the outside of them and imagine their horse being your steer, ride position, soften your horse and practice swinging with your tip down towards your target. The great thing about this is there is no pressure in chasing a steer and allows you an opportunity to relax and become a part of your horse, ride more proper as roper learning to use your legs to ride with and not your upper body.
Remember, the reason head horses and heel horses start slowing down and shutting us out is because we start to lean in the chase and put our shoulders over the top of the horses shoulders. The first thing that happens after this is we balance on our reins and then they just start pushing on the bridle. Bad muscle memory is created and it comes back to haunt us in the short rounds or in the latter of our practice.
Headers, we do a drill that has worked great in helping ropers understand all of this. Set your sled up in front of the box and walk out of the box on your horse while practicing opening up and starting your swing. It is great to let your horse get some relaxed box work and teaches you to be open or square to your target and swinging ready for the two-hand delivery.
Heelers, pull your sled in a circle and ride to the outside to maintain position. When you get tired and relaxed is usually when your horse softens and allows you to rope with higher catch percentages.
Until next month, best of luck and practice your steps.
Thank you and God Bless!

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