World Series of Team Roping Results

by Siri Stevens

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Finale X will pay over $10 Million, and without the exact total it will retain its position as the Third Richest Horse Event in the World!

Jacob Dagenhart, Statesville, North Carolina, and Zack Mabry, Piedmont, Alabama, kick off the week in Las Vegas winning $132,000 in the #15Brook Ledge Horse Transportation WSTR Finale X. “This is what we came for, this is why we rope—wins like this.” – Jacob Dagenhart

Congratulations to Michael Goodman, Canton, Texas and Scott Adrian, Kaufman, Texas who just pocketed $248,000 in the World Series of Team Roping #13 Finale X.

Will O’Quinn, San Antonio, Texas, and Latigo Petersen, Lipan, Texas, clinch the WSTR #12 Finale X to the tune of $320,000. The #12 Finale paid out a grand total of $1,864,000! (Pictured)

Wallace Greer and Rance Gantt win the #11 Bloomer Trailers WSTR Finale X. The duo will take $320,000 back to their home state of Louisiana. The #11 Finale paid $1,886,000.

Eric Randle, Moody, Texas and Zane Edmondson, Cimarron, Kansas, won the Ariat #10 WSTR Finale X. The division set a new record as the richest roping in history paying out $2,040,000. This is Randle’s second consecutive #10 Finale win. He won last year as a heeler, and this year as a header.

Oklahoma cowboys Ralph Carter and Shawn Lyday just pocketed $259,000 in the #9 AIPC Finale X. The #9 division paid a total of $1,604,000.

The new #8 Finale was a success paying out $395,000! The pick team of Michael Nash and Bobby Leflett bested the field taking home $70,600 to Texas and Louisiana respectively.

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