Meet the Member Jessi Cronquist

by Rodeo News

story by Terry Rhodes

Jessi Cronquist has been in the Rocky Mountain Pro Rodeo Association for the last seven years. Jessi says the relaxed atmosphere is a big selling point for the association. “RMPRA rodeos are really kicked back and fun to go to. Everybody involved with the association from the secretaries, the stock contractors, and committees are great to work with and friendly. They’re there to help the members however they can.” She also is a competing member of the WPRA.
Her event is barrel racing. “I’ve been involved with horses my entire life. My mom started both my sister and me riding horses by the time we could walk. Horses have been a lifelong commitment for me. I was a rogue rider in the Junior Posse for two years, starting when I was 6. When I could officially sign up as an 8 year old, I tried my hand at queening and won the Weber County Junior Posse Second Princess. That was the first and only queen contest I entered and I hated it, despite being crowned princess. I competed in barrel racing and pole bending in the Utah Youth Rodeos and the Utah High School Rodeos. After high school I started in the amateur associations.”
With an event like barrel racing, it pays to get help learning and developing skills. “I’ve had several people that have been major influences to me in learning barrel racing. My mom, Debbie Larson is my first and foremost role model in barrel racing and in my life. We never had the money to buy the best barrel horses, so she taught me a lot about training and how to get the most out of them and how hard work goes a lot farther than money does. From a professional standpoint I turn to Dena Kirkpatrick a lot. When I’m scratching my head and don’t really know what to do I turn to my aunt, Sherrie Anderson.”
Calm demeanor is the key for Jessi in competition runs. “I trust my training and my horses to go out and do their jobs. It lets me stay relaxed on them. My core nature is that I don’t get uptight or nervous; allowing my horses to stay focused and make their best run. If we make mistakes – we make mistakes. We’ll go home and fix it for the next run. I’m a competitive person and like to win but winning isn’t everything. My goal is to go out and make a smooth run and come out sound.”
Jessi says one of the horses that got her through some of her most memorable runs was Emma, who she lost May 2, 2015. Having her step up to make those runs for me was something I’ll never forget. I got an embryo out of her before she died; her baby was born on my birthday this year – Thank you Emma!”
Jessi lives in Plain City, Utah near where she was born and raised. Jessi’s work week is spent with a company that fabricates passenger loading bridges for airports. “I’m doing spare parts ordering so most of the day I’m at the computer or on the phone. I work from 7a.m. to 5p.m. every day. When I’m off work at the end of the day, my escape is to be with my horses.”
Long term goals are leave the office environment and work with horses. “I want to get back into training outside horses.  I’ve had some adversity and challenges presented to me in my life. It seems that I have always transitioned back to horses to keep me going. So this is where I need to be.”

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