SDHSRA Meet the Member Collin Hunt

by Rodeo News
Collin Hunt during the SD State Finals, 2014 - Rodeo News

story by Lily Weinacht

Collin Hunt during the SD State Finals, 2014  - Rodeo News

Collin Hunt during the SD State Finals, 2014
– Rodeo News

Collin Hunt lowered himself onto his first steer when he was 11 years old, little knowing when he set out with his dad to the rodeo that it would be his first brush with roughstock. Today, the 19-year-old from Interior, S.D., is putting his bull rope on the toughest bulls in the SDHSRA, but his favorite event is saddle bronc riding. Collin’s family tree has rodeo in many of its branches, but his dad, John Hunt, has been the greatest influence. “Ever since I was a little kid going to rodeos with my dad, I knew I wanted to rodeo. The more I competed, the more I fell in love with it!” says Collin. “My dad is the one who hauled me everywhere when I was younger. He put in a lot of miles with me until I could go on my own.”
Collin has been competing in the SDHSRA since he was a freshman, and before that, competed in junior rodeos in roughstock and roping. His dad and grandpa own a large ranch south of Eagle Butte, S.D., and Collin spends his weekends and summer breaks helping as a ranch hand. “I’m riding horses and moving cattle, but doing anything on horseback is one of the better jobs for me.”
During the week, Collin attends Wall High School. A senior, he is excited to see the world beyond, but admits he’ll miss the high school experience. “Growing up on a ranch, I like hands-on projects, so Ag. classes are at the top for me.” Collin recently built a number of stands for an FFA groups’ projects. His other favorite part of school is playing middle linebacker on his school’s football team. Following high school, Collin plans to college rodeo, and currently has his eye on Cheyenne Community College and Sheridan College in Wyoming.
After school, Collin makes the 30 minute drive to his home in the Badlands. His mom, Sharon Bies, works for the Badlands National Park, and Collin works on the park’s maintenance crew. Since winterizing their equipment, they are now busy plowing snow and clearing water pipes. Collin also enjoys spending time with his family, including his younger sisters, Jessa, Kendra, and Kyler, and his younger brothers, Tack, and Jackson. “We all go out and ride horses together, and soon they’ll start entering a few rodeos and see where it takes them,” says Collin. His other favorite way to spend his time is playing guitar. His friend Wyle Livermont started teaching him guitar after a rodeo about a year ago, and the pair of cowboys enjoy learning to play covers of songs from YouTube videos, or playing by ear. “When we’re going down the road together, whoever’s not driving plays the guitar, and we’ve also played for a lot of graduation parties,” says Collin.
With the new year comes new goals for Collin, including college rodeo and eventually going pro, with his sights ultimately set on the WNFR. After winning the saddle bronc riding at the Wall Regional Rodeo last summer, Collin was named the Powerade Athlete of the Week by a news station in Sturgis, S.D., appearing for an interview at the station, as well as making the front page of the Rapid City Journal. He adds, “I’d also like to try competing in Indian rodeos this year and see where that takes me. Both my parents have Indian backgrounds. I’m working on heading to the NHSFR, and my other goal is to get back out to the ranch and help out more. All in all, its ranch and rodeo for me – that’s my dream!”

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