Kimes Ranch Announces 2016 Model Contest Winner

by Siri Stevens

courtesy of Lindsay Perraton

Kimes Ranch


SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Kimes Ranch, an emerging leader in premium denim, announced the winner of their 2016 Modeling Contest, Tayler Teichert, on February 28th. Teichert was humbled and shocked to learn she had won.


“I was 100% shocked when I won, totally surprised. I liked Kimes Ranch on Social media, thought maybe I would enter, entered and the rest is history.”


Teichert, a 24-year-old full time ranch hand from Idaho came out on top with over 250 of the 2800 online votes. A win, that Teichert credits to her ranching community ties.


“There’s people all over the country that I love in the ranching industry and in other industries, especially ranching because I’ve worked with them, I’ve got to know them all. I just know people all over and I posted once. It just exploded from there, all my friends shared it, it got crazy. I have amazing friends, that’s all it is.”


Amazing friends, who shared her photo 90 times from the Kimes Ranch Facebook page, also spoke highly of the 6-foot-tall blonde. Many like, Erika Carla Zundel boasted her work ethic along with her beauty.


“She is beautiful and can work right next to the guys! If you are looking for a real cowboy-girl this is her!”


Tayler Teichert’s work ethic, in fact, is what lead her to Kimes Ranch jeans and eventually their modeling contest.


“I’m really good friends with the people that own J.M. Capriolas. I went and worked for them during a festival and I’ve taken pictures for their website. They showed me the jeans, and I actually bought a pair. I found you guys [Kimes Ranch] on Facebook and saw your posting for the model contest.”


In only it’s second year, the Kimes Ranch Model Contest boasted over 600 applicants from all different disciplines and backgrounds. Lindsay Perraton Director of Marketing for Kimes Ranch praised the contestants.


“We had such an amazing group of applicants it was a grueling process to pick a top 100, let alone a top five, so we deviated from our original plan and upped the finalists to a top ten for this year.  The applicants were all beautiful inside and out with great back-stories.  We are lucky as a company to have had such an overwhelming response and tried our best to show the verity of applicants in our top ten. Our Kimes Ranch community had the final vote and they chose Tayler as our representative.  She is a perfect fit and we are thrilled to have her.”


Teichert describes her personal style as simple, which was another draw to the Kimes Ranch jeans.


“I like clothes that are simple. That’s why I like Kimes Ranch jeans, they don’t have the bedazzling on the butt or the ugly white stitching. I like functional, simple, classy, well-built clothing.”


Laughing, she added that she doesn’t like to look too modern.


“I like simple but I like something that’s a little bit different. I usually pull that in. I like some ugly sweaters, which you may have have gathered by my pictures. I have some weird thrift store ugly stuff because it’s different and nobody else has it and that’s what I like.”


Her love for “ugly sweaters” can be credited in part to Idaho’s ever changing weather and the need for functional clothing.


“I live in Idaho and it’s cold 9 months of the year. It’s all about function for me. I typically like winter clothes a lot better because I can incorporate jackets and sweaters.”


In her spare time, Teichert writes for the Cavvy Savvy and moonlights as a freelance photographer. For more information on Taylor Teichert or to view her work visit


About Kimes Ranch Jeans: Founded in 2009, Kimes Ranch (formerly Longhorn Jean Company) was created to fill a void in the marketplace. With a long standing western history, Matt and Amanda Kimes’ desire was to create a company that produced great fitting, quality, long lasting jeans that walked the line between fashion-forward and western folk friendly.


The brands catchy logo and even more attractive company culture and customer service have brought them a cult-like following amongst their western consumers. The classically inspired line of jeans, have been featured in magazines including American Cowboy, Horse & Rider, Cowboys and Indians and Chrome Magazine.


Kimes Ranch. Superior Fit. Classic Style. Western Uncomplicated.


For more information on Kimes Ranch or to order, visit

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